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clouds so threatening

(viewed 812 times)
they actually bend roadsigns

15th May 2005, 17:51   comments (0)

Chancellor not a fan of Street Tuff, apparently

(viewed 658 times)
Oh, wait ... MP.
15th May 2005, 17:33   comments (2)

I think I might be starting to control the sky with my mind.

(viewed 856 times)
It's not an entirely comfortable idea.
7th May 2005, 14:54   comments (10)

Doctorin' the Tardis

(viewed 752 times)
Tried to go back a couple of years.
It works to the tune of none.

I blame the bbc.
3rd May 2005, 08:44   comments (7)

Being an explorer is easy.

(viewed 640 times)
Ray Mears can kiss my arse.
3rd May 2005, 08:41   comments (1)

I can and shall obey ...

(viewed 612 times)
A Harbour.
About half six in the morning.
Christ, it's an exciting life.
I bet you're glad you looked.
3rd May 2005, 08:39   comments (0)

Damn crows ...

(viewed 714 times)
Does anyone know any orangey tunes?

(No, not The Sash)
27th Mar 2005, 20:57   comments (3)


(viewed 566 times)
27th Mar 2005, 20:34   comments (0)