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(viewed 566 times)
when he was a puppy!
7th Jan 2007, 03:59   comments (3)


(viewed 514 times)
notice a resemblence?
4th Jan 2007, 00:59   comments (3)

big sunglasses

(viewed 496 times)
in the car for a long time
4th Jan 2007, 00:57   comments (0)

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree

(viewed 430 times)
how lovely are your... whatever the rest of the song says
19th Dec 2006, 03:24   comments (0)


(viewed 566 times)
took the lil sis driving today, i was only clutching my seatbelt for a little bit when she was hurrying so we could go get our picture taken with a santa we saw running around, and she needs to work on that whole turn signal thing. it was ok though i let her drive the brothers car which is "herbie from hell" from this pic i guess we do look alike
19th Dec 2006, 03:23   comments (1)

in the green

(viewed 794 times)
i believe that is in the green, second try

18th Dec 2006, 15:58   comments (5)

stars over texas

(viewed 518 times)
this is an intersection in texas called the star, i dont even know how many roads cross there but look at all the traffic lights going across! its really confusing
17th Dec 2006, 21:19   comments (0)

they go boom

(viewed 458 times)
we played with fireworks and whenever we threw smoke bombs at jamie she would run away, so we did it a lot.
17th Dec 2006, 21:15   comments (0)