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american soldier

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a few more pics of the place

they were BLASTING music and i kinda felt wimpy cuz there were a few old army vets, it was funny seeing them in their mr. rodgers sweatshirts (then again mr rodgers was bad ass in the marines...) but the d.j. was an old army guy with a garth brooks looking american flag shirt and i was standing kinda close to the speakers and it was vibrating me and he was just standing out there rockin out man! but yea there were girls there with babies less than a year old that you know these guys havent even seen yet because they were at war when their kid was born.
4th Dec 2006, 16:44   comments (3)

the boys are back in town

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some pics of stevies homecoming! he didnt get in till 9 on sunday and was supposed to be there saturday at 1!!!
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4th Dec 2006, 16:38   comments (0)

country roads

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these are pics of texas a&m; the fountain was pretty and thats the football stadium from the street. it was here that i realized i was VERY lost on my way to austin, i did get a sweatshirt and tshirt out of it though
3rd Dec 2006, 07:29   comments (1)

i'll be watching you

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a boy and his pup
2nd Dec 2006, 04:15   | tags:comments (4)

white christmas

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pic is darker on the screen then in my phone... but its the fan thing on white christmas while they're singing sisters, me and kim made it for my grandma for christmas
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2nd Dec 2006, 03:46   comments (2)

i wanna be sedated

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somewhere under all that mess is a bed!
and i got new hilights, i look pretty cuz i had to go to work and they make me get ready and stuff

wild wild west

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and more, this time with the camo kid, she didnt really fit in with us but we like her anyways!

boots n hats

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fun with cowboy hats on thanksgiving