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casino night

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we had casino night on campus tonight and at the end they auctioned stuff off and while i did not have enough to win the break up, i gave my kilgore bucks to this guy who won it then i girled him into giving it to me so i got it anyways!
21st Nov 2006, 06:08   comments (1)

mmm cookies

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made slice n bake cookies but i made the icing from scratch!
19th Nov 2006, 05:38   | tags:comments (3)


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left alone with an ipod and camera phone...
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19th Nov 2006, 04:05   comments (5)

gram staining

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this class makes me want to cry
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goodbye crab

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a hard day at the dmv, i mean department of safety
silly texas
they took my md license so i took a pic before it went away
16th Nov 2006, 00:42   comments (6)

chuck e cheese

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look who came to visit us at kilgore college!
10th Nov 2006, 01:12   | tags:comments (0)


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typical sight you might see on a texas driveway, a cow and a tractor, cows are not scared of cars by the way and bulls may see them as a challenger if you happen to have a reddish looking car
9th Nov 2006, 16:27   | tags:comments (0)

more fire

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notice the intricate stacking design
whoever built this must have been a fire making master!
9th Nov 2006, 16:14   | tags:comments (0)