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community kindness is a project that encourages and showcases little acts of neighbourhood niceness.

Every day, we see things around our local neighbourhoods that could do with a little TLC. A broken sign; a bin blown over in the wind; a crack in the path that people keep tripping over.

We could pass by and ignore the problems, or maybe we could deliver an unselfish act of community kindness, and fix the problem ourselves. Often, all it takes is a little thought and some elbow grease.

Taking part is easy, just follow the instructions below:

1. Find a little problem in your community that needs fixing. Nothing is too trivial!

2. Take a before picture on your mobile phone.

3. Fix the problem!

4. Take a proud after photo of your completed project! Geo-tag it, so that your act of kindness can be found on the map! (Alternatively, you could add it to the map on this site later on).

5. Email your photos to the address listed at the top & bottom of this sidebar, give yourself a nickname and tell us a little something about what you did.

6. Your random act of kindness will appear immediately on glorified on the internet for everyone to see!

7. Kudos! How much better do you feel for doing some good in your 'hood?



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Twisted swings

(viewed 9819 times)
I was walking by when I saw these swings in the park. I had to untwist them to restore order to the universe :)

Posted by nige

26th Sep 2009, 14:54   comments (3)

Litter picking

(viewed 2666 times)
On our a Sunday afternoon walk we took a couple of plastic bags with us and did some litter picking.

Please please join us in committing some acts of community kindness! Post your photographs to the group and tell your family and friends.

Posted by misterniceguy


(viewed 1916 times)
The folk from across the road moved out of their place about a fortnight ago. They left all of this outside their house and council won't pick it up because it's not in the designated bins. I donned my rubber gloves and took care of the situation! Done.

Posted by misterniceguy

Neighbour's Drain Cover

(viewed 4459 times)
This pipe cover had looked like this in front of my neighbour's house for about 6 months. No work was being performed on the pipe, so there was no reason why the cover could not be screwed back in. It is right next to a path where children play and could easily cause problems.

Got my screwdriver and job done in a flash. Told my neighbour and he was happy. I feel better already!

Posted by misterniceguy


(viewed 3235 times)
First project!

Where I live there is a gated carpark for the residents. A management company oversee the grounds, but as many times as they have been told, they keep forgetting to fix this broken drain. Cars park right underneath, as you can see, so it could end up scratching someone's bonnet (oo-er!) or even hitting someone.

No matter. I used a piece of guttering that I had in my toolbox, some sealant, and fixed it right up myself! Job done!

Posted by misterniceguy


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What is community kindness?

community kindness is a project to get people taking responsibility for the upkeep of their own neighbourhoods whilst having a little fun in the process. The idea is simple: Identifying and fixing small problems in our locales that will make the areas look a little brighter. Your act of kindness could literally be anything, but think of it as fixing a problem that is too small for your local council to take care of, but big enough to be a niggle to people who live in the area. Looking at the existing posts on the blog will give you an idea.

By performing these small acts of kindness, we also make ourselves feel a little better for helping out. A wonderful side effect that everyone should experience.

I would like to perform an act of community kindness. What should I do?

1. Once you have identified a little problem that you'd like to fix, grab your cameraphone - or any camera - and take a photo of the problem. If you have a camera/phone which can geo-tag your images, make sure it is enabled! If not, don't worry, this information can be added to the map later on. Just make sure to take note of the location as best you can.

2. Take note of any details relating to the issue, so you can include this in your post.

3. Fix the problem!

4. Take another photo of the solved problem. You should now have before and after photographs.

How do I post to the site?

There are two ways of posting:

1. You can post easily via email. Simply attach your photos to your email, and include as much detail as you like on the act of community kindness that you have performed:

2. You can also become a member and post from the community kindness site itself. Sign up by clicking this link here. When you have finished signing up, go to and click the "join group" link in the top left hand corner of the page. After the page has refreshed you will see a new link in the top left that says "post to group". Click the link and follow the instructions to upload your entry. By joining the site you are able to edit your posts and comments as well as add your images to the map more easily.

community kindness is hosted on href="" style="text-decoration: none">Moblog. Moblog is is a diverse blogging platform which enables you to host photos, videos, audio and words. It is ideal for hosting a project such as community kindness. When you sign up you will automatically create your own personal moblog. If you have any problems with the signup or want to know more, go to where you will find plenty of information to help you out.

How do I add images to the map?

If your images are geo-tagged, they will be added to the map automatically. Sorted! However, if your camera/phone does not have geo-tagging, you can add your post to the map in two other ways:

1. If you are emailing your post to the site, you can add it to the map by including the following text anywhere in the body of your email:

map="number street,city,country"

example: map="188 regent street,london,united kingdom"

2. If you are a member you can easily add posts to the map from the site itself. Simply log-in, click on your post and then click on the link under your photos which reads "edit location". Follow the instructions on-screen.

What are tags and why are they important?

Tags are words which succinctly describe the post you have made. These words are indexed by the site and are often the easiest way to find posts by their location, or their type. The information relative to the act of community kindness you have performed, such as the name of the street, the city, the name of nearby landmarks etc. should all be included in the tags you add. Like the mapping information, you can tag your posts by including the following anywhere in the body of your email:


Alternatively, if you are a member you can add tags to your post on the site itself. Underneath your post, click the plus sign (+) next to the "tags" link and add your tags to the box that appears. Remember to place a comma between each of your tags.

What's in the future for community kindness?

As the community kindness project grows, the idea is to start a league table of the kindest communities. Just for fun, but also to bring a competitive spirit to the project. This is why the mapping information is so important, so please take the time to add it where you can.

The project is already looking into working with schools and local organisations to help spread community kindness. In the meantime, please help by posting your acts of kindness, and spreading the word to your family and friends.

Posted by misterniceguy

16th Sep 2009, 10:32   comments (3)