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Get me out of here!!!

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This was one of the freakest flights I've ever been on.

More turbulance than I've ever had to experience, and one it was so bad
it was like an explosion and a huge jolt. There was screaming, and I
ended up with not one, not two, but three drinks in my lap.

I'm still sitting on a seat moist with iced tea.


Please get me out of here!!!

24th Jul 2004, 04:30   comments (5)

Am I there yet?

(viewed 687 times)
Why won't this plane take off?

24th Jul 2004, 00:32   comments (1)

Boarding... Yay!

(viewed 724 times)

24th Jul 2004, 00:26   comments (0)

Waiting for my flight...

(viewed 675 times)
Going to see my Peanut!

24th Jul 2004, 00:09   comments (1)

We're at a fancy bar...

(viewed 803 times)
And the centerpiece is a strange glowing egg.

It will hatch and claim earth as its own.

We are mere pawns.


18th Jul 2004, 08:42   comments (2)

Yay HipTop!

(viewed 712 times)
I'm convinced that the HipTop may have the worst mobile camera ever.

Or... I'm just never out in normal daylight.

Either way...

18th Jul 2004, 08:40   comments (0)

Mmmm... pink pleasantness...

(viewed 853 times)
Having an unplanned dinner at Hawthorne Lane. Must start off with a
tasty cocktail.

A raspberry lemon drop... you can't get more manly than this.
18th Jul 2004, 08:39   comments (4)

A few days later...

(viewed 935 times)
Ahhh... back at home, and my Peanut is in town making me happy.

9th Jun 2004, 07:19   comments (11)