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UFC 95

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This eve I went to UFC 95 as a kind of coincidental birthday treat
with my awesomely best friend Jon :)

It was at the O2 which seems a pretty decent venue. I've only been
twice including this eve but both times so far it has done nothing
wrong by me.

The went itself was, at a headline level, not great with a poor card
due to injruies etc to key fighters.

Nevertheless there were a couple of British fighters which always goes
down well. Furthermore, there were a staggering majority of KO's in
the first round. I'm sure the statiscians will be loving the new data
so to speak.

"a knock out event"

With a mix of British fighters and outright KO's it was actually a
better event than the card suggested.

Despite too having the cheapest seats, the view was good. O2 is
similar to the emirates with it's steep viewing angle to the focal
poor ensuring you're always relatively close to the action.

A good evening out; a few beers, time with a mate and some guys
beating each other up. No not Brixton but UFC 95 at the O2 :)
22nd Feb 2009, 00:41   comments (0)


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I like many things Italian. I intend to reside there at some point.
One if the loves I have for the place is their coffee.

For me, personally, the best coffee I've had outside of my home has
been in Italy.

At home, being Eco minded, I use a hand grinder for the beans and a
Presso hand powered "machine" for infusing the ground coffee with hot
water. All very simple but all very effective.

All rather off topic as what I'm really posting about is the Espresso
app for iPhone. It's free from the iTunes App Store and is basically
as per the image attached.

The image is a great piece of design work in itself. Now it's on my
iPhone and serves as a handy stylish portable menu for guests wishing
to sample my awesome blends.

For any fans of good coffee house ceative design work it's an app
worth having. For wannabe Baristas it's worth having. If you're in
both camps this app is awesome :)
20th Feb 2009, 18:39   comments (0)


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This evening was the launch of Launch48. A weekend with an aim to
launch a new startup.

Tonight we heard everyone's pitches in 60seconds. There were 21 weeded
down to 9. The nine then had 4mins for a more detailed pitch + Q&A.;

The final four startups have now been decided and are being worked on
already. Naturally those early key discussions and all that team
bonding is taking place in the pub.

I'll be with the teams over the weekend as a mentor with my
strawberryway hat on.

Should be cool as one or two of the startups I really think could go
somewhere... Exciting times
6th Feb 2009, 21:45   comments (0)

Sunny Chester a go go

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This clock is apparently the second most photographed in the UK. The
first being Big Ben.
31st Jan 2009, 15:32   comments (2)

Wildlife Photographer of the Year '09

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Stilled out to South Ken today to see the WPOTY exhibition at the
Natural History Museum.

Photography as art will always be subject to personal opinion so
unsurprisingly I didn't agree with the winning photo.

I did though love the Polar Sunrise pic and the winning entry in the
Urban Wildlife category. I'll be sure to google image those and use
them as new wallpapers for my iPhone.

Whilst at the NHM I thought I'd take advantage and check out the Blue
Whale. I've not been since I was v young so it was like going for the
first time. Still riding the iPhoneography wave I took a panaromic pic
of the worlds largest mammal using Pano.
18th Jan 2009, 17:44   comments (6)

Getting arty on the iPhone

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I've always liked the idea if being in to photography but actually am
not v in to doing it :p

Having the iPhone means I can ride the iphoneography wave if taking
pics and dressing them up using the editing apps :)

Here's an arty (it's black and white you see ;)) pic taken and edited
with the PhotoGene app.

18th Jan 2009, 10:37   comments (0)

Not so mobile blogging

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Just signed up to moblog to see if it can offer further flexibility in being out there in the world...

At the moment it seems v similar in terms of it's mobility options to blogger and twitter... The more the merrier though I guesss...

This first post is not v mobile though as it's from my Mac at a desk in an office :s

Better luck next time eh ;)
15th Jan 2009, 11:12   | tags:comments (4)