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(viewed 560 times)
10th Sep 2006, 15:18   comments (0)

sassy ass

(viewed 623 times)
at first i thought it was all a bit much, but damn it, i liked her.
4th Sep 2006, 23:04   comments (0)

attic garden sculpture?

(viewed 530 times)
only in the neighborhood my friend has just moved into, called
Jericho. the walls be tumblin' yo. what a fantastic thing to do to your
roof/attic....rock on.
4th Sep 2006, 22:44   comments (0)

all in a day....

(viewed 1361 times)
victoria station. midday 4 september 2006. i walk by this platform at least
4 times a day. home to the orient express. bit bright but it often looks like that, and my continual obsession with reflections/public transportation/light is never satiated.


(viewed 1761 times)
panti-HOSE! in the original packaging! suitable for miniskirts! british nylon! ha! and if the legs wear out before the pant, you can even cut them off at the tops of the thighs and use the 'pant' as underwear. flippin amazing.

chebang rocks!

(viewed 1576 times)
my childhood friend silvia has been making fantastic things for 2 years now. her company Chebang! has just celebrated its 2 year anniversary, and these are some of the wonderful things she's been creating in her little workshop. i think Liberty would pay a lot for some of this stuff, it's so much better than some of their faux DIY artsy fartsy things.i could see a dandy like Patrick Wolf wearing the lime of her bespoke laptop covers was feature in WIRED magazine a few months back!

broken social scene

(viewed 642 times)
broken social scene, koko, camden, may, 06.

not like you can see who the hell it is, but i kinda dig. looks like a painting thanks to the dick who bumped me during this shot.
31st Aug 2006, 00:32   comments (1)

viva l'american death ray

(viewed 1232 times)
allison, and the fun boys from 'viva l'american death ray,' one of the u.s.'s best damn bands. unfortunately a bit blurry, i was dancing. oh, and the gig was at macbeth's in hoxton.
31st Aug 2006, 00:14   comments (9)