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Just me, doing stuff, and taking pictures of it.

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Rural living

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The racecourse.

Not much drives past but the odd stock truck.
22nd Dec 2008, 06:39   comments (1)

Voila. I put up the tent

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Unfortunately for my sister and her husband the house is too small to accommodate them.

Fourtunately, I have single-handedly erected the world's oldest tent for them to stay in.
22nd Dec 2008, 06:06   comments (1)

Ye olde Ahrens cottage

(viewed 413 times)
22nd Dec 2008, 06:02   comments (0)

If I was 3 this is what I'd want for Xmas

(viewed 359 times)
22nd Dec 2008, 06:00   comments (1)

More local art

(viewed 396 times)
22nd Dec 2008, 05:59   comments (0)

Local art

(viewed 435 times)
I really like the gallery in Havelock North.

Wine Country Gallery
22nd Dec 2008, 05:57   comments (0)

Making Icecream Christmas Pudding

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22nd Dec 2008, 05:55   comments (1)

Feeling regionalistic

(viewed 1133 times)
Black singlet. Check.
Beer. Check.
Smokes. Check.
Deck. Check.
The beer round here? Tui.

(And of course the ridiculous novelty hat)
19th Dec 2008, 05:11   comments (3)