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new ketai in my hands- test

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28th Apr 2008, 07:50   comments (0)

Ueno 1880

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This old book we use for research matters shows a lot of information about japan and the wordview in this times.
10th Apr 2008, 09:41   comments (0)

Temp work spot

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Here i am after a short setup, we are preparing the research cluster called -coop- now.
8th Apr 2008, 05:30   comments (2)

1st day @ the institute

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After a lot of paperwork finally i meet up with the people from my new workplace at the yokohama campus, tokyo national university of fine arts and music, graduate school for film and new media.
7th Apr 2008, 07:45   comments (0)

Bu$ine$$ hours

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Preparing for a week of bureaucracy and university business...
6th Apr 2008, 06:38   comments (0)

1st day 1st art

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This weekend in akihabara is the 101 tokyo contemporary art fair. I just arrived during a performance (pic) on the roof of this huge building. If you want to see old fashioned and boring art you can go to tokyo art fair at the tokyo international center this weekend.
5th Apr 2008, 08:21   comments (2)

Undiscovered selfimagination I

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5th Apr 2008, 05:00   comments (0)