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Student from Lincoln, hope to add more random pictures soon

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My new mouse mat and mouse. How many animals can you spot in the photo?
6th Feb 2006, 12:50   comments (9)


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No real need for a whitty comment.
23rd Jan 2006, 21:16   comments (1)


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I think i could make a good one of them
21st Jan 2006, 17:00   comments (3)

Whats your favourite?

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Its a sunday and im bored, what else do you suggest i do?
8th Jan 2006, 19:04   comments (4)


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Pimms o'Clock
5th Dec 2005, 19:19   comments (1)


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Its abit like the crusher in star wars, but red hot, what if mum and dad
were trapped in one, and i had a big hook to swing down and resue one of
them, who would i pick?
28th Nov 2005, 21:09   comments (9)


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Even rocky had a montage!
21st Nov 2005, 13:21   comments (0)


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Didnt know they had the sun in them days
18th Oct 2005, 23:17   comments (1)