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Student from Lincoln, hope to add more random pictures soon

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Nathans Toilet

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Every occasion is a drinking occasion when your a student. If you look to the top left you will see a pint glass and a fosters can!
9th May 2005, 18:33   comments (3)

Forget scratchings

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The best pub in Leicestershire, the Griffin Inn, now does not only do scratching, but pork pies from behind the bar aswell.

2nd May 2005, 23:52   comments (10)

Would'nt swap you for a job in starbucks

(viewed 808 times)
Now the nearest thing to my house, starbucks. There taking over the world! As you can see from the top picture, you can sit outside, and you get a wonderful view of a duel carriageway, how quaint!
25th Apr 2005, 16:57   comments (12)


(viewed 708 times)
He doesnt even like Carling!!
26th Mar 2005, 22:09   comments (0)


(viewed 718 times)
Scary old fella!
26th Mar 2005, 22:01   comments (0)


(viewed 747 times)
DavEEEEE loves john smiths!
26th Mar 2005, 22:00   comments (0)


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Notice famous legend in background!
26th Mar 2005, 21:59   comments (0)


(viewed 710 times)
H&M; "get up"
26th Mar 2005, 21:58   comments (1)