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"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered." - Guildenstern, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

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The Uni held its (semi-?)annual poster sale, and it was the last day,
so I talked to the guy a bit (he was English, by the way), and he cut
me a deal - 3 posters for â?¬13.80 (it was all I had, honest!)!! :D

The third poster is the album cover of Joy Division's "Closer",
I bought it for Nat and didn't want to unwrap it.
11th Nov 2005, 10:08   comments (3)

For aamandarin. :)

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9th Nov 2005, 18:36   comments (6)

Oooh, it's sprouting!! :D

(viewed 960 times)
9th Nov 2005, 10:12   | tags:,comments (7)

I feel like SUCH a traitor.

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I'm an official resident of Rhineland-Palatinate now - I hope there
won't be an angry mob with pitchforks and torches waiting for me when
I cross the "border" to Bavaria on Friday. :)

View from my window

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8th Nov 2005, 21:28   comments (3)

Decorating time!! :D

(viewed 972 times)
It's only a start, and I just ran out of poster strips, but I'm getting there. :)

Helen/Beth: I hope you don't mind that I took your picture.. I just like it so much. :)

Oh, and again: I *HEART* IKEA. :D
6th Nov 2005, 22:09   comments (5)


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Forgot to bring an umbrella. Blowdrying myself, the chucks and the
jacket now before my next class. *sigh*
4th Nov 2005, 10:30   comments (9)

Guess who got a shiny new dorm room out of the blue today? :D

(viewed 1572 times)
Yep, had to move within an hour, but all went well. And I got
internet right away, and it's fast and shiny and... traffic is
limited. ;)
3rd Nov 2005, 18:47   comments (17)