Without the aid of a safety net..

by delmonti

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Nothing unites the ignorant masses like a common hatred

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First aid pager

...however, I will have to answer this.

1st Nov 2004, 12:57   comments (1)

Message waiting...

Just for the record....
I'm not answering my phone anymore. Or e-mails.... Or the door.... Or, in fact any questions.... I have the right to remain silent


1st Nov 2004, 10:29   comments (0)

Smoked Chicken


1st Nov 2004, 09:11   comments (0)


Mugwars... Its getting nasty

1st Nov 2004, 08:39   comments (0)

Bint in the bath...

Guess the city....

12th Oct 2004, 11:19   comments (4)

I could stand before you....

...but you can?t fake it like I can...

6th Oct 2004, 20:04   comments (0)

The profit's too small...

(viewed 574 times)
For the black suited boys...

22nd Sep 2004, 12:28   comments (0)

You 2 are welcome

(viewed 698 times)
...here on the cheap seats

22nd Sep 2004, 12:19   comments (0)