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Welcome to our online journal - a window on our world.

'Bringing Learning Alive'

Our vision statement is to Bring Learning Alive and blogging encapsulates our aim to make learning exciting, up to date and fun.

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Our blog was set up, primarily, for children in school to see what others were up to when off-site. However, after only a few weeks of actually getting pictures on the site the possibilities for inspiring learning are becoming apparent.
We'd already established links with two schools in France but we are now exploring the potential of mutual blogs so that our children can comment and interact with international partners. We're receiving pictures from the arctic from one of our parents and the level of interest in geography is rising withouteven trying. The potential is immense.
It might sound like it but we're not anoraks!
and, at the same time, a fantastic educational opportunity.

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(viewed 814 times)
Non-fiction author, John Malam, came to work with the children today.
2nd Oct 2006, 17:04   comments (1)

Soccer Day

(viewed 799 times)
Thanks to Umbro, all the children in the school are taking part in a training day today. Perhaps we shall discover the next Wayne or David!
25th Sep 2006, 11:49   comments (1)

Mrs. Twit

(viewed 2029 times)
Revolting Rhyme

'Tom's soapy surprise'

Much to his mum and dad's dismay Thomas ate some soap one day.
He didn't stop to say his grace or sit politely at his place
And wait for all the family to seat themselves and have some tea.
He blundered straight into the loo not just to sit and have a pooh
But also, as our family knew, to grab the soap in both his hands and, unlike kids across the land,
To drag his nails across the piece of scented, lardy, fatty grease
That we all use to clean our skins but which, he thinks, is just for him
To eat and lick and slurp and guzzle his eating habits are quite a puzzle.
But ne'ertheless this tale tells of all the trouble that befell
This pitiful lad, this tragic case which from my mind I can't erase.
He had his pooh then did a pump just at the time a largish lump
Was slithering soapily down his gut. Oh my! The soap stuck in a rut.
He didn't know what to do next; the soap was stuck - poor Tom was vexed.
He tried to call. He tried to shout. He tried to cough the blockage out
But all that he could do, poor feller, was blow out soapy, bubbly yeller
Slime from ev'ry orifice. It really was a sight to miss:
Nothing that you'd want to see and what is worse ('tween you and me)
Was that his face was going puce; just like a glass of raspberry juice.
His eyes were bulging from their sockets and tears were shooting out like rockets.
Then suddenly, with squelching sounds, out shot the soap which hit the ground.
It hit the wall. It hit the door, the mirror, sink and what is more
It flung him backwards down the loo. He was flushed away with all the pooh!
13th Sep 2006, 12:14   comments (1)

The Big Friendly Giant

(viewed 877 times)
Roald Dahl day.
13th Sep 2006, 12:07   comments (0)

A Teacher Witch

(viewed 918 times)
Roald Dahl day - even the staff got involved!
13th Sep 2006, 12:06   comments (2)

Oopah Loompahs

(viewed 791 times)
Roald Dahl day.
13th Sep 2006, 12:06   comments (2)

Explorers' Garden

(viewed 705 times)
Our new and tidy Explorers' Garden for the Reception children - complete with strawberry plants and logs under which we can search for bugs.
13th Sep 2006, 11:51   comments (0)


(viewed 1291 times)
Barnaby Bear enjoys the pleasure of having the Taj Mahal (Agra, India) to himself to watch the sunrise. Getting there at 5.30 in the morning to be first in the queue certainly has its advantages.
This is an amazing building and left the most chatty people speechless. It's well worth the trip.
8th Sep 2006, 12:58   comments (2)