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Welcome to our online journal - a window on our world.

'Bringing Learning Alive'

Our vision statement is to Bring Learning Alive and blogging encapsulates our aim to make learning exciting, up to date and fun.

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Our blog was set up, primarily, for children in school to see what others were up to when off-site. However, after only a few weeks of actually getting pictures on the site the possibilities for inspiring learning are becoming apparent.
We'd already established links with two schools in France but we are now exploring the potential of mutual blogs so that our children can comment and interact with international partners. We're receiving pictures from the arctic from one of our parents and the level of interest in geography is rising withouteven trying. The potential is immense.
It might sound like it but we're not anoraks!
and, at the same time, a fantastic educational opportunity.

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Study Visit for Year 6

(viewed 714 times)
Well here's 2 pics 2 show they can make their beds!

The class will be at one of the Education Authority's study centres for this week, taking part in a variety of exciting and challenging activities as well as learning how to get on with each other, to collaborate and to develop independence doing all the things they usually get someone else to do.
15th May 2006, 11:10   comments (0)


(viewed 815 times)
Time for celebration as Year 6 have finished their SATs (hence the blurred picture as they leap up in delight).
12th May 2006, 10:18   comments (1)

Nursery goes to France!

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Today is French day in our nursery. The children have made their own passports - impeccable forgeries - handed these to the Customs Officer who checked the likeness, boarded the ferry and sung sea-type songs and spent a day in France. Next? Some French cooking, I hope.

Unfortunately we don't have a string of onions to represent the typical frenchman so we had to manage with just the bike! Hope this doesn't cause offence.
12th May 2006, 09:50   comments (0)

Thomas's sunset

(viewed 651 times)
Give a six year old a camera phone and let him experiment. That's what my son did and he produced the sunset picture. He was proud of it as he was trying to copy a pic that I took on holiday last summer.
11th May 2006, 15:08   comments (1)

Thanks TESCO!

(viewed 828 times)
This giant among traders responded kindly to my request for some help towards our Healthy Tuck Shop by giving us some vouchers to spend. Great fun and a good selection of stuff to sell.

The shop's going well: the children are virtually running it themselves - the ultimate aim.

They set their own prices to maximise profit without putting off buyers by being extortionate! They're soon to analyse what sells best and they're keeping electronic records of sales by using a spreadsheet.

This is what some of the children think:
'I like doing the tuck shop because it is fun and it helps us with our maths - how much change to give.'
'I like the tuck shop becasue it's healthy and schools are meant to be healthy and it's nice working there.'
'I like the tuck shop. It's a great idea because we are raising money for so much sports equipment and more staff. It's better because it's really cheap.'
'I like the tuck shop because it's a healthy thing and I like helping the school to do things therefore I am glad we have got one. I also like it because you don't need to go to the shop; you can just go to school and buy much healthier food. Als because I like trying to raise money for the school.
10th May 2006, 14:05   comments (5)

Cooking fungus

(viewed 637 times)
We've started cooking the mushrooms. The mum of one of the girls' came in to help. She's doing the quick, frying option.
The food already smells good.
Wow! Another mum has arrived and she's going to cook the fungus in a different way - cooked in milk. They were delicious. You really can't beat home grown food!
27th Apr 2006, 11:48   comments (0)

Three new 'headteachers' preparing a presentation.

(viewed 723 times)
These youngsters were part of the class team that had written an account of making Gingerbread Men.

Using Powerpoint they put their writing alongside the pictures.

They then recorded their voices narrating the text. All this with a gentle, musical background.

Finally, they ate the evidence!!
26th Apr 2006, 13:14   comments (0)

Keep them in the dark!

(viewed 693 times)
Some of our year 3 children decided to try and grow mushrooms. This is what they achieved. Sometime this week they'll cook them and eat them. I ought to bring along some bacon and eggs to go with it!

This is what the children have to say:

Gardening club have being growing mushrooms and there are 2 big ones.
1st gardener: It is good. I am impressed.
2nd gardener: It is great and fun.
3rd gardener: Planting is great fun and the mushrooms are nice.
4th gardener: Gardening is great fun.
26th Apr 2006, 13:12   comments (3)