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Welcome to our online journal - a window on our world.

'Bringing Learning Alive'

Our vision statement is to Bring Learning Alive and blogging encapsulates our aim to make learning exciting, up to date and fun.

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Our blog was set up, primarily, for children in school to see what others were up to when off-site. However, after only a few weeks of actually getting pictures on the site the possibilities for inspiring learning are becoming apparent.
We'd already established links with two schools in France but we are now exploring the potential of mutual blogs so that our children can comment and interact with international partners. We're receiving pictures from the arctic from one of our parents and the level of interest in geography is rising withouteven trying. The potential is immense.
It might sound like it but we're not anoraks!
and, at the same time, a fantastic educational opportunity.

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Book Fair 2010

(viewed 856 times)
We were aiming to raise £300 through the sale of books. If we achieved this
we would be given the equivalent amount to spend 'in kind' by taking books
from the fair. As it turned out we raised £470 and were given all
these books. Fantastic and a great addition to our school library.
23rd Jun 2010, 12:54   comments (1)

Greek Day

(viewed 1245 times)
Years 5 & 6 held a Greek Day today as part of learning about the ancient
Staff and children threw themselves into a variety of activities and dressed
for the part.
They looked stunning and, of course, enriched the day by creating and eating
Greek cuisine.
27th May 2010, 16:19   comments (2)

Let's Get Cooking

(viewed 1554 times)
Having successfully applied for government funding earlier this year we've
recently started our cooking club in school. The response has been superb
with the club being run by one of our grandparents supported by a parent
governor. There are also parents who come along to help each week. It's
proving to be a great success and I can honestly say that the food they
produce is tasty and healthy.
26th May 2010, 16:16   comments (1)


(viewed 804 times)
There's something odd happening in our Reception Class, too.
Who or what has left these footprints?
Who or what is responsible for the slime?
What are these green blobs and how did they get here?
It's all over the window so it must be quite tall; mustn't it?
So many questions asked. So many answers discovered.
19th May 2010, 15:06   comments (0)

Oh, no - it's escaped!

(viewed 766 times)
19th May 2010, 12:34   comments (4)

Found it!

(viewed 699 times)
This is what the children have been looking for - not to mention the
Museum. (I'm talking about the one on the trolley!)
19th May 2010, 12:32   comments (0)

Fairtrade Fair

(viewed 781 times)
This was held in the hall from 1:15 ? 2:15 on the last Thursday of the
Spring Term. It was the culmination of a week's exploration of Fairtrade by
all classes.
Many families sent in donations of Fairtrade products and the local branch
of West-Midlands Co-op donated ?250 worth of Fairtrade goods to sell; all
sorts of goods from cotton wool to coffee, chocolate to healthy snacks.
Children made cakes and biscuits from Fairtrade products - selling them in a
cafe at the Fair. The Fair was very well attended and the culmination of a
very successful week in school - a tremendous success and raised over ?240
for Fairtrade.
19th May 2010, 12:26   comments (2)

Egyptian mystery

(viewed 716 times)
Local sources tell us that a Mummy has escaped from the Birmingham
Museum. It was seen last night on the Aston Expressway and it looks as
though it may have found its way here. The children in Years 3 and 4 have
been learning about ancient Egypt and police think that the escaped mummy
has heard about this, and the conopic jars in the classroom, and may be
trying to find its long lost brain; last seen 5000 years ago being dragged
out of its nose on a long hook.
19th May 2010, 08:49   comments (0)