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All photos are taken with a SE k800i, and are often updated in large batches due to a forgetful nature.

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assorted snow 1

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1 & 2 - view from my bedroom window
3. back garden view
8th Feb 2007, 11:57   comments (1)

before the snow came...

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what a lovely day yesterday was
8th Feb 2007, 11:55   comments (0)

open university

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so from today, as well as being a full time web developer, I'm also
doing a level 3 open university course.there is a *lot* of reading!

no, seriously...

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...I have absolutely no space left in my room.

latest innocent

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breakfast is too restrictive. these make excellent early evening snacks.

new work friend

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I *really* don't have much desk space left now, especially if I get
the set of 15 little critters I have my eye on...


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27th Jan 2007, 17:04   | tags:,,comments (0)

I wish I was this cool

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see also much much open university work :s and that's not all of it. agh.