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All photos are taken with a SE k800i, and are often updated in large batches due to a forgetful nature.

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few things make me as excited as waking up to snow everywhere. most of
these were take at work, where sadly there was only a bit. my garden
is covered in about 3" though, and my tiny little road with
overhanging trees looks like something out of narnia.more pictures tonight if it's not too dark/tomorrow if I get time and
it's still there


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16th Jan 2007, 22:48   comments (2)

innocent on tour

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no glasses left means an interesting 'on brand' mug/smoothie combination.cineworld don't like you taking your own drinks in. oops.
16th Jan 2007, 22:38   comments (1)

so much fun

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mmmm. homemade teriyaki tuna and green pepper. sticky sticky tasty mess.
9th Jan 2007, 20:34   | tags:,,,comments (5)

ugly? a student?

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...you need these varieties of milk powder.only the sake was bought in the end, funnily enough.

wing yip

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from my desk

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