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All photos are taken with a SE k800i, and are often updated in large batches due to a forgetful nature.

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from work :)
5th Oct 2006, 19:00   comments (0)


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I am a bit broken.
2nd Oct 2006, 11:34   comments (6)

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and no, the scala is not strictly newcastle...
29th Sep 2006, 18:20   comments (1)

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29th Sep 2006, 18:19   comments (1)

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please note the classic student housing situation.
29th Sep 2006, 18:18   comments (0)

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29th Sep 2006, 18:17   comments (0)

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very. very. early. start.
29th Sep 2006, 18:15   comments (0)

assorted catch up

just because I haven't for a while.includes fantastic free gifts from work, le froglet wine, one my
happiest places in the whole world, and a balloon crash next to the
road I drive to work down.
25th Sep 2006, 19:12   comments (2)