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All photos are taken with a SE k800i, and are often updated in large batches due to a forgetful nature.

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mini goons

one of my many bad collecting habits. but they're so cute!
17th Apr 2007, 18:50   | tags:,,,,comments (2)

mmm vinyl

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mmm wine

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15th Apr 2007, 00:04   | tags:,,,comments (0)

new astro boots

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bought for extremely cheap today, along with new flip flops for
non-footballing days, and passport photos that were ruined by smudges
on the screen.

damned charities...

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...putting their boxes of satan's food, tiffin, in our work kitchen.
and when all the tasty food is gone, elves seem to come in, take the
money, and replace the empty boxes will full ones again. arghhhhhh.
why do you taunt me so?
13th Apr 2007, 21:17   | tags:,comments (0)

last car again

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even my car looks grumpy at having to work late. sadly websites don't
just make themselves.

pretty tree

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13th Apr 2007, 21:12   comments (0)


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10th Apr 2007, 19:05   comments (0)