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All photos are taken with a SE k800i, and are often updated in large batches due to a forgetful nature.

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natural history museum

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9th Mar 2007, 22:53   comments (0)

birthday hotel

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9th Mar 2007, 22:51   comments (1)

ash - norwich waterfront

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the last one wasn't intentional obviously, but it makes me think of
some kind of alien spaceship ;)

ash - norwich waterfront

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5th Mar 2007, 23:33   | tags:,,,,comments (9)


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this weekend was spent in lovely norwich with my two favourite men.
and three honorary favourite men in the way of ash. gig pictures to

desk status

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just a desk status update. some things have gone home, some things have come in.

oh, also, my desk isn't on a slope. this was just a bit hastily taken. people ask questions if you hang around taking pictures of your desk.
2nd Mar 2007, 15:54   | tags:,,,comments (4)

working late again

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28th Feb 2007, 22:51   | tags:,comments (1)


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thank god for that. I have been powerbookless for a WHOLE WEEK. my
poor, dutiful power lead, which managed to withstand nearly 4 years of
daily punishment, finally gave up in an increasingly large puff of
smoke.due to a stupidly busy week at work and being away for the weekend,
I've only just managed to give mr jobs some more money. but oh, was it
worth it. especially with 11% illegitimate student discount. I can
download tv programs again! and save photos! and do web stuff! and
even do work! oh, beloved powerbook. we'll never be apart again.