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Corridor 345 of Dave's mind.
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Purple Milkshake

(viewed 1035 times)
If Innocent had served this up in a bottle, I wouldn't have believed the
colour was natural, but it is. Blackberries instead of strawberries in the
blender this morning.
21st Aug 2005, 12:53   comments (1)

Mirror Mirror

(viewed 949 times)
Who is the fairest?The DB9RS
15th Aug 2005, 18:00   | tags:,,comments (2)

Tread Carefully

(viewed 846 times)
Wet weather tyres.. In August!
15th Aug 2005, 17:52   | tags:,comments (0)

Red Sails in the Square

(viewed 683 times)
A crazy Polish flying ship with red sails landed in Trafalgar Square last
night. Quite visually interesting, but don't ask me what it means.
12th Aug 2005, 15:12   comments (0)

Night Bus II

(viewed 736 times)
For fans of the first night bus picture. Here is another.
12th Aug 2005, 10:37   comments (3)


(viewed 1012 times)
Shadowy figure on a bridge with a backpack. A rare picture of myself.

Corriander Close Up

(viewed 822 times)
Mmmmm. I love this stuff
11th Aug 2005, 18:44   comments (1)

Friday on my mind

(viewed 868 times)
.. Looking forward to taking the edge off with a nice freshly made whiskey
sour at M1NT.
5th Aug 2005, 17:33   | tags:,comments (0)