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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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more decembertools

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here at december boy's secret headquarters we... i, laugh in the face of "proper" recording studios. ha!

having been massively encouraged by finding the tape-op book subtitled "the book about creative music recording" i now know i have everything i need right here. well pretty much. the tape-op way is all about making do with what you got and right now, december boy's got it good.
30th Oct 2007, 18:05   | tags:comments (3)

december boy is born

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so my new solo project/alter ego has a name. as of yesterday i'm officially "december boy".

i'm busily beavering away at writing and recording at mostly having a really good time with melodicas and drum machines. just wish i knew why myspace won't let me set up a new profile. it keeps telling me i'm "ineligable". i feel so excluded!

30th Oct 2007, 18:03   | tags:comments (1)

if you're lucky enough to have lovely long hair...

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and you've just made it all nice before going out, it's probably best to stay away from the open window at the front of the tube carriage.

30th Oct 2007, 17:52   comments (1)

meeting doodles

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an apple core and a squid

30th Oct 2007, 17:48   | tags:comments (0)

this was our last goodbye

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our last gig should have happened last week. except that despite seeming fine about it at the time our drummer decided that he decidedly wasn't. basically he "quit" the band the day before the last gig. whatever his reasons, jamie and i were very disappointed and more than a little sad.

and that made the previous underattended but thouroughly enjoyable romp at the white horse in whitechapel the last ever daddy long legs gig.

for four years daddy long legs was thee most important thing in my life and remains the one thing i'm most proud of. i went from an insecure, self conscious ex-guitarist and bedroom dreamer to playing and singing our own songs in three part harmony with a kick ass band to hundreds of insane fans at a sold out highbury garage (among ninety two other gigs).

we put out a single and even sold a few. we got some great reviews and played all over the uk and in europe. we made some lifelong friends, played some intense music and on a good day i still maintain that we were one of the best live bands you could have hoped to have seen. i know no other band that worked harder than we did at both the technical side of things and at putting on a shit hot (and above all FUN) show.

it's a shame that for various reasons (all of our own doing - or more accurately our own NOT doing) we let the promotion fall away in the last year and that was the beginning of the end really. but hey, at least we can claim that like the most innovative and eventually influential of bands, that we were unappreciated in our own time!

there's still some songs and lots of pics up at
go have a look see and wave bye-bye to the best band you never saw live.

daddy long legs 2003 - 2007.

al long legs
23rd Oct 2007, 19:29   | tags:comments (6)

it was two years ago today

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our second aniversary weekend ended with an impromtu drink in the same seats in the same pub (the island queen on noel road, islington)as our very first date.

for our official celebration we had a lovely dinner in lemonia in primrose hill, i got flower a new ipod nano and she got me tickets to see the shins! yay!
23rd Oct 2007, 19:12   | tags:,comments (0)

on and backstage in berlin

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here's some moody "road" pics from the magnet club in east berlin.

they really looked after us there. it was weird going on stage at 2am though... especially as we'd only had two hours sleep the night before which was pretty discombobulating.

weirder still was getting back to the hotel at 5 (having been awake for 26 hours at that point) and then getting up two hours later to catch a plane home.
23rd Oct 2007, 19:08   | tags:,comments (0)


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19th Oct 2007, 00:59   | tags:comments (0)