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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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masterers of the universe

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popped over to richie's to have another crack at mastering the new daddy long legs tracks last night. i think we're just about done finally.

he's also just started work on the choreography (oh yes) for a daddy long legs video.

working lunch AND PUDDING

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i realised today that from this moblog it looks like i'm some sort of pasty-faced nocturnal indie/rock casualty, but in real life i do in fact rise and shine each and every new morning, make me sangers and pedal off to gainful employment.

as any self respecting office drone will tell you, lunch is the highlight of most days. today i'm listening to CSS and having ham, mustard and rocket on wholemeal bread, washed down with the regulation big yellow mug of coffee (tm).

but today is a bit special because in addition to "the usual", there's... PUDDING!
15th May 2007, 12:20   | tags:,,,comments (2)

on the road again

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i always get a bit euphoric when heading back into london. relieved, excited and grateful.
15th May 2007, 09:52   comments (2)

on the road

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escaping from the eerie suburbs of yesteryear back to the safety and blissful chaos of now in town.
15th May 2007, 09:46   comments (2)

primary school hero

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went back to my old home town, well, "school town" with my best friend to watch his band do a gig there last night.

friend = richie (top) russ is on the bottom.
town = hertford
band = primary school hero

it was all very jolly and the venue was surprisingly with-it, soundwise and otherwise.

i have to say, i find going back to places i used to dislike so much quite depressing though. *shudder*

tight enough for yer?

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apparently, after saturday's gig the record label and/or the new manager voiced some "official concerns" vis the lack of trendy tightness in my trouser department.

so i sent this charming self portrait of the consequences of their request to the rest of the band.

i don't mind. it's not me that has to look at it.


santa dog single launch

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saturday night in brixton. sounds XPerience who are a bunch of absolute lovelies put on a night to promote the release of their third single, and the first by bristol's santa dog.

bands were:

- buck brothers: euro punk pop

- the tacticians: *waves*. hello. we covered born to run. not sure what most people thought of that to be honest! i laughed like a drain thoughout the whole experience. brilliant fun.

- friends of the bride: dapper, clever (slightly smug/muso?) indie pop. these guys used to be the fog band. then before that they were the audience (sopie ellis bextor's band). they were okay in a divine comedy sort of way.

- santa dog. the sweetest band i've ever met. very smithsy uk 80s indie (great jangly guitars) and sweet girl vocals from a sweet girl. i find it gets a bit samey after a while but that's just cos it's not really my thing i guess. i still love them though if that makes sense? you just can't not.

it was a fantastic night overall. loads of nice people to gibber excitedly with and drink exited drinks with. managed to avoid a huge drunken brawl outside blan b afterwards and got a black cab all the way home with a big grin on my face.
14th May 2007, 12:54   | tags:,,comments (0)


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10th May 2007, 10:09   comments (2)