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hello, my name is al. i make music by myself and with a band called the fictive kinship. i work in an office in london on railway related stuff and cycle to work every day. i love cooking, swimming and riding my bike all over london. i try to eat well, write good songs and not drink too much. i don't always succeed.

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is this the most disgusting thing ever?

(viewed 2406 times)
it looks to me like this children's book i had about a frog (francesca?) who had a birthday party at which she served jelly with flies in.
27th Apr 2007, 11:33   comments (2)


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played a drummerless daddy long legs gig in stokie last night with j-lord. it went surprisingly well actually with us swapping bass, acoustic and tele round. i broke out the trusty champ and unleashed all 6 watts of pure valve terror on the unsuspecting punters.

one of the most interesting dressing rooms we've had a while too. check out the sunbed!

it's a SAROLIUM!
26th Apr 2007, 09:13   comments (7)

cloud spotting

(viewed 623 times)
this time outside my mum's place in sunny welwyn garden city. it was weirdly hazy all day until just before dusk when the clouds broke up like this. i don't know what you'd call these? alto cummulus maybe?
25th Apr 2007, 13:28   comments (0)

city road substation...

(viewed 486 times) the rain, 5am today
24th Apr 2007, 15:51   comments (0)

there's always one that ruins it

(viewed 455 times)
it's usually me as well

this was the scene in marion's bedroom at 5am this morning

we've just finished being filmed for the first tacticians video.

it was a long night.

today is proving bleary.
24th Apr 2007, 14:25   comments (0)

spruce and rosewood

(viewed 441 times)
20th Apr 2007, 09:59   comments (0)

bricks and leaves

(viewed 441 times)
20th Apr 2007, 09:55   comments (1)

inside the tacky's secret pop bunker

(viewed 531 times)
here's joe and mark at rehearsal last night. check out joe's new bontempi organ (behind him).

this was just before we started rehearsing a version of "born to run" by the boss to use an alternative encore. so wrong and yet so right.

17th Apr 2007, 11:27   comments (0)