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this moblog is meant solely to compliment it's where everything else to do with me is.

holy bejesus, comments!
Critical G says: golly thats nice
spoon_lamp says:oooooooo
Amanda says: I must either get a new monitor or get my eyes tested because I thought they were real AND I can't see the full genitalia!
windy says: i stole a pencil from ikea once. best value in the store.
FakeID says: Cor yes, and their cheese and onion pasties. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)
niall the bossman says: good to see you busy!!!!!!!!!!!
lizziepants says: good god. what is that?!
Lyzardly says: Hiya!

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Another day, another dougie

(viewed 436 times)
19th Dec 2005, 13:00   comments (2)

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone...

(viewed 504 times) stay with me forever so I can catch scenes like this every morning.
18th Dec 2005, 14:05   comments (1)


(viewed 470 times)
18th Dec 2005, 11:36   comments (4)

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

(viewed 443 times)
17th Dec 2005, 16:40   comments (0)

Lonely Street

(viewed 519 times)
9th Dec 2005, 16:06   comments (0)

Lonely Street

(viewed 455 times)
actually, this is more likely to be titled "Ready or Not", but I got confused, Lonely Street will be along later
8th Dec 2005, 18:05   comments (0)

city safari

(viewed 573 times)
What's weird is, if you stand underneath the statues, you can see the fully realized metal genitals. not that i was looking, of course...
18th Sep 2005, 00:43   comments (6)


(viewed 533 times)
29th Aug 2005, 11:45   comments (1)
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