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Where things may not be as they seem.

I understand that we all live on different plains of exsistence, the consensual world is our meeting ground.
But we are forced into a reality that exists only by mutual consent, a contract that we keep for eachother, so we may feel safe within our hard wired reality.

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Dinner for two?

(viewed 457 times)
5th Sep 2006, 06:21   comments (2)

A present from Bec from the big apple

(viewed 427 times)
4th Sep 2006, 17:44   comments (0)

A relic from my childhood

(viewed 459 times)
Thats the Golly btw not the computer.
3rd Sep 2006, 15:45   comments (0)

Scratch n Sniff

(viewed 468 times)
For years I've thought that roses don't seem to have perfume anymore.
That was until I moved into our new place and found this lilac one growing in the garden.
WOW!! for you, I wish this screen was scratch n sniff.
2nd Sep 2006, 15:12   comments (3)

Living Dead Dolls

(viewed 501 times)
I seem to be developing a passion for these and I don't know why
1st Sep 2006, 09:45   comments (4)

Serene?? I wish!

(viewed 520 times)
A collage I did a while ago.....I wish It were so.
Bloody banks!
I set up a standing order and it all goes wrong, funny how a little thing like a bank holiday can cock things up init?
and when I complain about an assistant giving me the wrong advise?
(which I acted upon by the way!)
I get told "well she did it with the best of intentions!"
ER....yep I'm sure she did but it cost me money sister.
I hate banks.
29th Aug 2006, 17:00   comments (1)

Banksy in bath

(viewed 907 times)
23rd Aug 2006, 19:26   comments (1)

For Sale

(viewed 549 times)
I have to get rid of my lovely cabinate, we are on the move and it just wont look right in our new home.
Its been so useful for art materials, etc. and I just love the look and smell of it.

Good bye i hope I can find you a good home :(
14th Jul 2006, 13:15   comments (2)