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Where things may not be as they seem.

I understand that we all live on different plains of exsistence, the consensual world is our meeting ground.
But we are forced into a reality that exists only by mutual consent, a contract that we keep for eachother, so we may feel safe within our hard wired reality.

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You know when it's late at night and you just turned of the pc and your so tired you just sit, for a moment looking at the blank screen?

My face kept morphing in to a large cat, then a troll then a cyclops and then I just had enough, or I'd have nightmares.
23rd Jun 2006, 13:54   comments (4)

Digital Icon

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This is a piece I've been playing around with, about 15 layers in this one.
23rd Jun 2006, 13:39   comments (5)

My Mantlepiece

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Well we will be moving soon and I've been looking around at the little things about this place that I like, and the fireplace is one of them.
23rd Jun 2006, 13:33   comments (0)


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An abstract brooch I finished at the weekend.
21st Jun 2006, 20:59   comments (3)

Jemima Puddle Duck & Family

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When we fed the ducks the fishes came up to eat the bread!
They were huge, but they were fast and ok so they probably don't like hovis....
Well, it was white bread.
Oh and I promise one day I'll get a phone with a decent camera.
18th Jun 2006, 16:49   comments (2)

My Mum

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You can see where I get my pixie looks from.
18th Jun 2006, 12:01   comments (1)

Another one of Sunny Bath

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17th Jun 2006, 21:43   comments (1)

Sunny Bath

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17th Jun 2006, 17:44   comments (0)