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Eddie Izzard and a boy called Jeffrey Pettruci

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Posted by Alfie

12th Oct 2008, 09:19   | tags:,comments (0)

Dream September 30th, 2008

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I dreamt that I had an identical twin and that I murdered her while walking home and tried to hide the murder. There was a big investigation to look for her and the murderer and in order to not get caught I became apart of the investigation so I could try and hide up the murder. In the end I was caught and went to jail where I helped everyone in my large cell try and escape from the jail cell.

Posted by mosteen

1st Oct 2008, 21:17   | tags:comments (0)

Dream September 28th, 2008

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I had dream that Stabler from the show Law and Order sVU was my partner and we investigated the death of a dentist where the mystery revolved around a missing check. We interviewed the lady that worked with him and his lover. At some point I was eating Dim Dum at a Chinese restaurant with my family and then somehow figured out that the killer was the lady he worked with but the evidence ( the check) was stolen from her so we couldn't prosecute her until we found the check and that was the end of the dream.

Posted by mosteen

29th Sep 2008, 23:09   | tags:,,comments (1)

Dream Septermber 25th, 2008

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Can't quite remember everything but here's the gist of it. I dreamt my friend Lena asked me to help out her friend Neal, he needed a pretend date because he had told his family he was engaged so she asked me if I could pretend to be his girlfriend for one night and that I would get paid. I agreed, and he picked me up in his truck and the first stop was at my old college which was his old college too. We went there so he cold drop something off and then ended up eating in the cafeteria and tried to get to know each other before heading to his parents house. Even though I was doing him a favor I kept getting the feeling we were on a real date that he didn't want to be on. It was slightly uncomfortable. We went on to his parents house who were super happy to meet me, I tried my best to pretend I was in love Neal. I asked to use the bathroom to take a break and they directed me to a door. I walked through the door and it was a public bathroom with a broken door and hugh windows so anybody could see through which made it awkward to go to the bathroom and I suddenly had this huge need to go but was trying to figure out how to go without anyone walking by and seeing me. Well I just went for it thinking I would just go really fast but then his sister walked in who doesn't look anythign like Neal with her son in her arms and I felt very embarrassed. I left the bathroom and I was now in the hallway of the house but it was an outside hallway and a his family was throwing some sort of party.

Posted by mosteen

27th Sep 2008, 00:10   | tags:comments (0)

Dream on September 21st, 2008

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There is a girl who is in middle school, she lives with her mom and 3 brothers. They

have just moved to a new town. She goes to school but she can't make any friends. She

ends up becoming friends with a couple of older kids, a girl in high school who is a

sophmore and a guy in high school who is a junior. They are both homeless and live on

the streets. The guy is into drugs and threatens the girls. The girl goes home and

tries to not be involved with them anymore because she is scared. The other girl in

fear has no where else to go so she goes to the younger girls house to hide. The guy

follows them and threatens the mother and tries to get into the house. The two older

brothers go to defend the girls. The youngest brother is given a gun but no bullets,

so he makes his own out of wood and accidentily shoots them off so he kills the second

oldest brother and shoots through the wall and kills the high school kid. The high

school kid shoots and kills the oldest brother so the two older brothers and high

school kid are now dead.

Now I am the girl in middle school and I am sitting in a huge auditorium and it is lunchtime. There is a talent show going on at the same time. An act is about to go on stage and my older sister is part of it. They start singing some famous musical song that I have never heard of, my friends start to sing it out loud, but not as a sing along with them, they are trying to throw the act off of their game. The group stops as the main singer struggles. Shes asks if she can start over, the dj very annoyed agrees. She gets off stage and asks if she can make a cell phone call to calm her nerves, they allow it. She turns to me and asks if I will go outside with her so she can yell at me, I understand that she just needs to get her frustration out and not that she actually wants to yell at me for something. I agree and go outside with her. She tries to start yelling at me but she get intimidated as people start walking by. I drag her toward the elevator and then people start lining up behind us, the elevator opens, and we walk in but people are with us, we start feeling rushed as the dj will only wait so long, we immediate get off on the next floor in hope of being alone. We walk off and start looking for a place to be alone, suddenly I hear someone shouting my name. I turn and it is an old friend Joe, I hug him and say hello. We start walking and talking as we follow the girl. I ask him why he doesn't return my emails or texts, he tells me he didn't get them. He says did you try cc ing yourself to make sure they were sent and I say I know they are in my sent folder I have proof. He follows us as we run around trying to get back to the auditorium. We take some escalators and make it back, unfortunately we are too late and she has missed her chance because she took to long. Dream over.

Posted by mosteen

22nd Sep 2008, 19:45   | tags:comments (0)

Saturday Nights Dream

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I am at school with a large number of students, we are all competing to be part of an important project. Although we are in competition we must also work together. We are divided into groups. We are then all bused away to complete the project. We are dropped off into a town. We are welcomed into a large dark castle sitting on top of a small hill overlooking an old town. We come to the realization that we are stuck there and are being held hostage. We try to escape, what used to be green fields are now dark forests and thorns and there are are very large hawks ready to recapture us. We make it into town, unfortunately the town is overriden by zombies controlled by the owner of the castle. We were brought there to be fed to the zombies so they don't leave the town. Most of the town members are dead, some were left alive so the town could somehow continue its businesses, (don't ask me how this makes sense its a dream). So if we try to hide in any of the buildings the owners of the business immediately give us up so they can stay alive. I end up leading a group of us from hiding place to hiding place. There is a little girl with us. Somehow she is important I must protect her. We get out of the town but they keep following us into the next town. This town also has its problems, not zombies, but evil people running other people over using tricked out tanks. So the rest of the dream is just spent running and hiding while there is a war between zombies and tanks and regular townspeople.

Posted by mosteen

16th Sep 2008, 00:22   | tags:comments (0)

Secret Mind

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I am driving in a convertible down a cookie cutter town, almost like it was 1950's, each house exactly like the next, neighbors smiling and waving to each other. I pullover my car. To the left of me is the neighborhood, to the right of me are dark black caves. I get out of my car and walk toward the caves and leave the bright sunny town behind me. Suddenly I am immersed in an underworld and am unable to turn around. There are dark bridges everywhere and over the edge of the bridges is black abyss. I start to run with some sort of urgency like I am trying to figure out how to get out as if I am looking for something. I look to the left and see people I know ballroom dancing but they are in a far away cave that I can't reach.I walk towards a large door and then I stop. I can feel that I shouldn't open the door. Scary things are behind the door. Suddenly I can feel things are crawling up from the abyss. I start to run. I know they are behind me and yet I see nothing. I run but the caves end and I am suddenly in a house. An old house almost like it is from the 1920's. I know they are coming. I look out the window onto a cafe. I jump out the window. I look behind me and realize I did not jump out of a window but someone's eye. The world I was in was someones mind.

Posted by mosteen

4th Sep 2008, 17:00   | tags:comments (1)


(viewed 2886 times)
In front of me is my own house, a two story home, I walk through the front door and I find there is a party going on inside. As I walk through the party the adults are all drinking and having a great time. Slowly people start to leave. I slowly make my way to the stairs and walk up the stairs. It is dark and I feel scared but I cannot stop myself from continuing. I make it to the top of the stairs and turn the corner. There I see a girl all in white with a large white veil, almost bridal like. She is covered in blood from head to toe. She is floating above the floor trying to say something to me. I am unsure on whether she is evil or if she is trying to warn me of the potential killers. I turn and run. Downstairs everyone is gone. I run out the front door and head toward the house across the street. I get the feeling that the killers are behind me. I start banging on the door and hope someone can get to me before they do. The door opens and I run inside. The killers make it to the door and also get inside. I run the towards the back and make it out the back door and I head towards another neighbors house. I can hear screams from behind me. The killers have managed to torture and kill the neighbor that has just helped me along with his whole family. I know there is no end to it and yet I keep reaching out to each and every neighbor that I know that could help me and each time it is the same, the killers are right behind me killing all who help me. Houses each splattered in blood because I am weak. I stop and turn around, and then I awake.

Posted by mosteen

3rd Sep 2008, 01:04   | tags:,,comments (3)
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