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Dumball 2008 - Mission: Corfu

by dumball2008

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This is The Dumball Rally 2008.

It's when a load of not-so-rich, not-so-famous people get together in their fancy rubbish cars and drive ... all across Europe - just about the opposite of the rubbish Gumball.

Why let the rich and famous have all the fun? Dumball is one of those drunken pub ideas that actually happened.

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This year we're fundraising for War Child:

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The border between Albania and Montenegro.
40 minutes of very important paper pushing, 10 euros a person and a whole
load of stern faces, and we made it in.

What an entry, apparently the national tv station is coming to see us
tomorrow but has already said on air that we arirve tonight, hence, kids on
the streets waving etc.

Amazingly friendly and interested people. Nice one.

General Lee
28th May 2008, 20:46   comments (0)

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

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As you might imagine, it's not that easy to capture the hazy Adriatic beauty of the stunning Croatian coast by sticking a phone out the window of a cow moving at high speed, so I won't try. I can't even take a group shot without it being mainly floor and chopping off John Cena's head.

The beach yesterday was ace. OK, the beach was a bit stoney, the water was suprisingly cold considering it was 36 degrees outside, and I trod on a sea urchin, embedding hundreds of spines in my heel. But the chance to dive into the crystal clear water we'd been admiring for mile made it a brilliant stop. Small sleepy cove town apparently opened up a cafe bar for us and quite literally waited on us hand and foot- giving me a local cure for urchins. Apparently i need to put my foot 'in a tomato' overnight and it will draw out the spines. We'll see. I'll probably just walk around treading then in deeper for a few days and have a go in Corfu.

So. Last night we went into Dubrovnic and had a wander around the old town. It's a very pretty little marbley place, and lots of people had been before so we had a few guides (sort of. "I just need to walk round for a bit to get my bearings..."). Nice meal out and then as usual we took over a club and threw some shapes for a bit. Lots of British in Dubrovnic. We picked up a hen night and spent a while convincing then we weren't a stag. 15 of up in Croatian football strips didn't help.

The band! I forgot about the band! Right, we need to backtrack a bit. In Zagreb, with the big hotel, we went to a club to The Club. At the The Club, there was a band called The Band. They were brilliant. Really tight, really enjoying themselves. Us loving them playing wedding band classics and them loving us dancing like very excited monkeys. We also came up with a cracking plan- amongst us are music teachers and various current and ex band members. We could easily get a Dumband together, and formulated a great
line up, featuring Muz on drums and Spolier up front.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be that night. Diplomatic relations with The Club management broke down after some other jokers tried to get on stage without asking and they posted bouncers at the front. Maybe when we get to Macedonia, and we already have our own band prebooked...

One more thing - we were right the first time about Rich B. He has been on an overnight train to Split, and with a bit of luck, he will be rejoining us later today. Oh yes to that.

And hello to War Child readers! Apparently we're now live on their site too!

... Now in approaching mental Albania! But we've got signal back which is why i'm only posting now. Hope we get there before it gets dark! Albania might get a little 'fruity'. fact we've just heard Albanian TV are at the hotel and want to interview Rick and Nick. It's gonna be on breakfast news! More later...
28th May 2008, 18:50   comments (4)

Damn damn damn

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Just spent 30 mins typing on the bb at a restaurant. Added some pics. Went to remove one and deleted the whole thing! Now that's dumball. Will try to remember after dinner and send again. DOH!JBUB. Raging Horn

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come. Enjoy the miracle of today..BlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
27th May 2008, 21:48   comments (2)


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We've just arrived in bosnia, the border guard laughed at Ralph's name, the
insurance office tried to fleece us and michael jackson has inspired the
traffic crossings...............oh yeah, it's 31 degrees.........
27th May 2008, 18:23   comments (2)

Beat that!

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Something I forgot to mention about last night was The Missions.
The Missions are a set of stupid challenges designed to aid in the decision of who gets the highest European accolade- The Spirit of Dumball Monkey.Half of them were handed out night before we went out (more of which in a moment). A couple of examples of Dumball missions- "a picture of a member me your team holding a local's baby", "a picture of your team in a local's abode" and "a picture of a local giving a member of your team's cheek a good wobble" or how about the one which Dumball One got: "a picture of a member of your team holding a fish above your head".

Now, as mission judges, we obviously can't who the missions, but we certainly lead by example. We found a fish farm, went out to the middle of a lake and got the biggest fish they had. What you can see here is Mr Murray holding aloft 2 feet of writhing slimey live fish. I'll try and get a video up later. Right now we've just arrived at a Croatian beach on the Adreatic coast so i'm off!
27th May 2008, 14:24   comments (1)

No reception in Bosnia!

OK, so we¸re in Bosnia. It is, as you might expect, brilliant, beautiful, bullethole ridden and bonkers. But unfortunatelz we can¸t send MMS here so no update yesterdaz. And this kezboard is a bit fruity. I can find the Y but it¸s quicker if I don¸t. I¸ve no idea where the apostrophe is...

Anzwaz- Verz sad news about Rich B - as we should have realised (and kind of did, but didn¸t want to break his spirit too earlz), an emergencz passport is onlz good to get zou back to zour home countrz, so there was no waz he was gonna make it to Corfu with us. And it turns out Croatia isn¸t in the EU anzwaz, so there was waz he was getting into there without a passport. He did manage an impressive 4 borders without one though I beleive. And to just pile on the misserz, we left him in Ljubljana with nothing to look forward to but a daz in the embassz, and he cash card has been cancelled because itÅ? been used for fraud. Sorrz Rich. We all still love zou. One daz zou will manage a complete Dumball.

Right, back to the 128 wheeled fun bus. Thez love us here in Bosnia. The alwazs do, the further east we go, the more ¸exciteable¸ the locals get. In Austria it was a struggle to get a wave, even with the cow horn. Here, thez¸re cheering and waving the moment thez see us. Great. Quite a lot of them seem to recnognise the War Child logos too, which is reallz nice to see.

We had a minor blip with the Daisz Duke¸s car, but Paul ¸The-most-technicallz-proficiant-Dumballer-in-the-historz-of-the-Dumball¸ Whelan soon sorted that one out. Paul sazs Congratulations on finishing zour exams Hannah!

Montaldo sazs hello. Nick sazs cheers for ringing love and he will call back... Rick sazs UP THE COUNTZ! and Addz sazs please don¸t put supper glue in mz locks.

And we¸re stazing the the best 5* hotel in the countrz. ItÅ? amaying- thereÅ? a big fun pool/ sauna/ spa in the basement, along with a 6 lane bowling allez just for guests. Another rotating restaurant on the top floor and some amaying views - Sarajevo is surrounded mountains.

A mere 180 miles todaz. Down to the Croation coast. Can¸t f*ing wait. Jumping straight in the pool when we got here last night saved mz life, and IÄ?m looking forward to the beach. Better go. Laters DB1
27th May 2008, 09:16   comments (5)

Are we late?

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Its late o,clock and we are just leaving the excellent hotel the young bucks got kicked out of a nightclub in the early hours of this morning and returned about 3am, mainly sober, to the hotel bar where us old farts had bribed the staff to stay open and were having party!

So this morning we got up late and watched the other dumballers leave for Sarajevo . After breakfasting like kings we pushed the hackney cariages (you'll never guess who they had in the back of their cab) up the ramp out of the car park on account of them having no fist gear, we are now a two car convoy leaving Zagreb

We had the fun doctor with us yesterday and engaged him in our own task. We'd thought long and hard about a difficult task before Tom n Rob decided the "how many sherbert saucers can you get in your mouth?" Task was the one to go for. 23 was the answer.We then thought that to up the anti we'd make him drink beer. 23 sherbert flying saucers, beer. And toms driving. . . Draw your own conclusions!!!!Team raging horn jbub
BlueBerry's are better than Blackberry's?
26th May 2008, 10:25   comments (3)

The Alps are pretty

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Woo! Look at those incredibly well manicured Austrian fields.

A lot's been happening today, so in brief since i left you- Mulhaus, big steaks, France, Switzerland, one lost passport, two gigawatts fins confiscated at the border, 5 mins in Liechtenstein, another lost passport, Austria, one found passport, beautiful mountains, Italy, a sniffer dog search for blue squad, back into Austria and we've just sprung a leak. Only Slovenia, Croatia and 200 miles to Zagreb! Other squads have taken different routes, it remains to be seen if they get there any quicker, but they sure will have been on some long boring motorways. 20% gradients, hairpin bends and glacial waterfalls is what the Dumball's all about!

So- the lost passport isn't the end of the world, they should be able get to Zagreb with just his EU driving license, and then maybe lose a day at the embassy getting a temporary passport before catching up by train.

Now, there's some seriously amazing alpiney vistas going on here, so i'm gonna stop looking at this and start looking at that. Peace from Dumball One my Dumball brothers.
26th May 2008, 00:30   comments (1)