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Peter Duncan, is that your new blue peter script?

12th Nov 2004, 14:12   comments (0)

maybe there's some ladies around?

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1st Jul 2004, 15:59   comments (1)

me and reverend dan in a few years!

(viewed 1191 times)
24th May 2004, 16:24   comments (2)

hitlers moustache found in motorway lay-by!

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30th Apr 2004, 00:49   comments (2)

I hate the M1!

(viewed 1099 times)
23rd Apr 2004, 14:30   comments (0)

no-one beleived i was scottish till i found my whiskey!

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edit: apologies for double post, but 1st email came back undelivered! stranger and stranger!
22nd Apr 2004, 15:21   comments (1)