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"I am just your ordinary average every day sane psycho super goddess"

"She'll either blow us up or rub soup in our hair, it's a toss-up"

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Chipmunk war battle wound ;-)

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22nd Jun 2006, 16:32   | tags:,comments (9)

My treat, to myself, for surviving work today

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22nd Jun 2006, 02:32   | tags:,comments (11)

Mandy's chipmunk reminded me to post this ;)

On Sunday I walked out of my bedroom into the living room, where my gram was napping, to see a chipmunk sitting in the middle of the floor. Not used to seeing wildlife in the living room I sort of just stood and stared at it and it at me until it decided running for gram's bedroom would be more fun. A few times, when we scared it out of it's hiding place, it ran over my feet, I screamed like a girl and wasn't sure where it had run to, I was so proud of myself in those moments :P

But after turning the living room into a warzone the chipmunk is most definitely gone now, we literally chased him out of the slider and off the deck after a good half hour or so of playing hide and seek.

First 2 pictures are what the living room is suppose to look like and the rest are what it looked like after.
20th Jun 2006, 02:41   | tags:,comments (13)

Apron blogging

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3 sides hemmed, top pleated but needs to be sewn and waist band started but that's not in the shot.
20th Jun 2006, 00:45   | tags:comments (0)

My camera and I...

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...oh yeah and a really cute baby :-)

*photo by M

Wait, I need directions on how to kill you

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19th Jun 2006, 01:14   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Lancelot is a tree

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Rehearsal for the King Arthur Festival. Apparently Lancelot is now a tree instead of a knight...
19th Jun 2006, 00:27   | tags:,,,comments (2)

I love baby feet!

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18th Jun 2006, 21:10   | tags:,,comments (0)