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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Swinging Little Feet.

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I've just emptied my camera ready for tomorrow and came across these.
16th May 2008, 10:06   | tags:,,comments (2)


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She is D delirious
She is I incredible
She is S superficial
She is C complicated
She is O oh, oh, oh

She is D desirable
She is I irresistible
She is S super sexy
She is C such a cute
She is O oh, oh, oh

She is disco

She is D disasters
She is I impossible
She is S super special
She is C crazy, crazy
She is O oh, oh, oh

She is D delightful
She is I incredible
She is S sensational
She is C sweetest candy
She is O oh, oh, oh

She is disco
13th May 2008, 22:27   | tags:,,comments (11)

Spring Sunshine and Suprises

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today was good - no BRILLIANT for two reasons, It was sunny and,,,,,I had a
really really FANTASTIC suprise

My Dad died over 22years ago and since then I've been in very sporadic
contact with that side of the family - in fact the only person I speak to is
my Dads brother Stephen and he lives in New Zealand so it is usually an
email every couple of months with some mass catch up about our families.

Anyway Stephen was due to visit this country at some point in May and I was
planning to meet him as I have no memory of ever doing so and it would be
brilliant to get to get to know him "in person".

So today I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor (as you do
on bank holiday Monday) and there was a knock on the door (can you see where
this is going) and there was my Uncle - I didn't even know he'd landed in
the country!!

I still can't get over teh fact he was here, in my house, in person, really
really!! - i keep having to pinch myself I'm so happy I keep grinning like a

We're hoping to get together on Friday evening with some other members of my
Dad's side of the family. I can see it being an emotional evening!


Girls on Film

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Well DVD actually!
28th Apr 2008, 15:51   | tags:,,comments (14)

Better late than never....

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When it snowed the other week I was out early in Wolverhampton, St Peters
looked so pretty!

Turn It OFF!

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This last week I enforced a limited technology rule in our house. There was
to be no TV what so ever, and the computers were to be turned off (or at
least not used) between the hours of 6pm and 8pm (unless James was working
to a deadline then allowances were made).

It came about because I was sick and tired of hearing "I'm bored" coming
from the blonde kid whenever he wasn't out playing with his friends as we
have a house full of arts and crafts and games and who knows what else. He
used to be really good and doing things with me but as he's got older his
interest has waned and it's easier to veg in front of whatever mind numbing
drivel is being broadcast and not have to use your imagination.

It came to an end last night when the little dude went to his Dads for the
weekend.but it was successful, not once did I hear him complain about
boredom because he HAD to find something to do, there wasn't an easy option
for him to fall back on, and now I'm thinking of extending it!

I'm not going to throw my TV out but I definitely think there should be some
set times when it HAS to be switched and the computers need to be left
26th Apr 2008, 14:08   | tags:comments (8)

Slow news day obviously!

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Slow news day obviously!

I have a NEW JOB!!!

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See this picture (that I stole) of this rather nondescript building. Well
from sometime the end of May, is going to be my new place of employment.

I have this very day accepted a position working at the Light House Media
Centre in Wolverhampton. I start as soon as I've worked my notice period at
my current place!! (subject of course to the usual Acceptable Reference

You can find out all about the Light House HERE and HERE

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO excited!!


22nd Apr 2008, 16:41   | tags:,,comments (30)