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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Licking the plates clean!

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Surprise Number 2!

So this is the trampoline we bought him while he was away! We weren't the
only ones that had missed him. Within 10 minutes of him "discovering it" and
jumping for joy (quite literally in this instance) there was a knock on the

His "crew" who'd been taking it in turns all the while he was away coming
over asking "Is he back yet??" (despite being told repeatedly "He's gone for
THREE WEEKS and when he was actually due back) had spotted his return and a
few minutes after that my parents appeared. We had a very eventful reunion
with friends, parents, (step) parent(ish) and grandparents all plaing in the
garden and taking it in turns on the trampoline!!

The finished project....

One week later........

How I love this room and its glow in the dark stars and glow in the dark border and the space ships and Dr Who and the lava lamp and my "artists impression of the earth from space" (yes I know it's not geographically correct but he's only 7 he doesn't care)!

We were mean and evil.

When he returned from his dads he came straight in to us and declared how much he'd missed us cuddled and loved us and after a brief reciprocation. We started nagging him to take his stuff to his room as I was trying to tidy up....

....we crept upstairs behind him and waited at the top of the stairs he opened the bedroom door and stopped dead, turned fled into our arms and burst into tears...

"Thank you, thank you thank you sooooo much, I love it!"

BUT thats not the end we set up another surprise in the garden. Draped with "Welcome Home" banners was a 8ft Trampoline and enclosure he knew nothing about, we just sat and waited while he explored his new room until he looked out of the window....I have more photos of that for tomorrow!

The preparation...

So, the blonde kid spent the fisrt 3 weeks of the summer break with his dad.
Did i sit back and enjoy the freedom HELL NO!

We spent most of the time preparing for his return....We decorated his
bedroom completely as a surprise!

The starting point one bog standard blue bottom, white top plain room.

I miss him so much....

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The blonde kid has spent the last 3 weeks with his Dad and I've missed him
SO much.

It has been so quiet around here without him and his "crew". Usually I don't
have one child anymore but with all his friends around here too we usually
average 3 at any one time, so not having any has been strange I can't wait
for him to come home!!

We have some surprises in store for him when he gets back (all will be
blogged later) and soon I have a week off work to spend time with him before
he goes back to school too...I'm counting down the hours until Monday when
he gets home!!

Woke up today with Alfie in my bedroom.

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Bloody whore gets everywhere.
11th Aug 2007, 09:51   | tags:,,,comments (7)

After the rain.

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10th Aug 2007, 22:27   | tags:,,,comments (3)

Hmmm chocolate!

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I didn't want to eat them they looked so sweet!