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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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I wanted to run through it but James wouldn't let me as I'd screwed my hip up during the gig and came out limping. Another time though ;-)

James ended up soaked as some huge monster of a man came galloping through, careering out of the jets right where we were standing, we never saw him coming until he had James gripped in a bear hug splashing me and drowning him!!

Thank god for merch stores we both had dry (new) t-shirts!

Wembley Stadium (and Arena)

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I thought I could get this out of my system with just a passing reference and a bit of a rant on Facebook, but oh my I'm so pissed off I have to rant and rant and I NEED the sympathy of you good people!!

I went to work today (as you do)

I'm not sure who knows what about what I do but basically I'm a minimum wage slave in a jeweller's who's been working damn hard to get the promotion she was offered last summer (I blogged about it when I started my training) but due to changes of management, issues in store and god knows what else I'm still stuck in the position I first started the company in 2 years ago.

ANYWAY the beginning of this year we had yet another new manager and after another new "getting to know you" period was basically told (again) that I had to prove to her, being new to the store, that I was capable of doing the job I wanted, So I set out to prove to her, consistently hitting and beating
my own targets by considerable amounts to the point where last period I scored 2nd in the whole area on performance in my level and this period 1st.

So then I'm told I have to show her I'm professional enough to lead the team, by not being opinionated and using the respect i already have from the team to get the job done. So this last month I've tried REALLY REALLY hard to do EVERYTHING she's asked of me. Not been distracted my idle talk, helping out with others tasks when I've finished my own, delegating jobs to other members of the team when I can see one person has far too be told today that I've impressed her BUT I can't have the promotion yet because I don't wear make up to work every day....

....Not only that I wont get the job if I get my hair cut short like it is in this photo again as the Area Manager didn't like it, "It looked fashionable, not professional"!!

Now I'm sorry but i thought jobs were handed out on the merits of performance not appearance.....I no longer want the promotion.

I no longer want to work there, I'd rather work somewhere I'm valued for my work ethic than somewhere that dictates to how I should wear my hair!!


Does anyone want to employ me??

Too much...

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My poor baby. We went out for our walk at his request but all the walking,
photography and sun just got too much for him!

My two J's

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10th Jun 2007, 20:12   | tags:,,comments (7)

In the field.

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On the trail.

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Twisty Tree

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