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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Rainy day activity 3.


May I take this opportunity to raise my hat to any of you with more than one
child at school going age, I'm glad I don't HAVE to do this everyday,
Although I did really enjoy it!

There was Craig Jordan's best friend who lives 5 doors away who is 9 and
with both dyslexia and ADHD took a while to get him to concentrate on
anything but once we did he loved it,

Then there was Shannon who is 7yrs and 8 months (and yes apparently the 8
months does make a difference because it puts her 4 months older and one
WHOLE school year in front of the blonde kid). She's just moved in with her
Dad across the road and started at Jordans school.

Then of course is the blonde kid the newly christened "Jordan number one",
who for some reason decided to spend most of the day wearing goggles and
showing off because there was a girl in the house, but she's not his
girlfriend, SHE'S NOT!!

Last but not least there is "Jordan number two" Shannon's little brother who
may be 4 or may be 5, I've yet to find out properly because every time I ask
I get a different answer.

Only another 6 days of the holiday left and with little posse loose on me
everyday (yes I'm the only parent dumb enough to let them all play in the
house) GOD HELP ME!!

There were 3 in the bed.....

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...and the little one said "Get the hell away from me before I scratch your
eyes out!!"

Rainy day activity 2.

Salt Dough.

1cup of Salt
1cup of Flour
1/2cup of water.......plenty of imagination!

We're going to bake them tonight and paint them tomorrow!

Rainy day activity 1.

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How to keep a 7 year old monster amused...

Garfield in a glitter storm!

Jumping on the bandwagon...

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I crashed and burned!!

Mon The Biffy!!!

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Third time I've seen 'em this year (so far) WOOO!!!!

I didn't get many pictures as I was too busy jumping singing and shouting at
a man for jumping on my foot, that and i was petrified of dropping my phone
in the "pit"!! James was too ill to come so I went along with his younger
brother Al.

First two I was hardcore and stood with Al in the pit second two I'd removed
myself from the sea of sweaty writhing men and moved back a few feet to
somewhere a little safer but where i could still dance like an idiot but not
get my feet stamped on!!


Stars and Glitter

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New scarf.

Well there's no need for that!

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