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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Left over from christmas...

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I forgot I had these, After many drinks and the blonde kids bedtime, Steve
plays dress up...Goonflowers case you ever wondered where the
GOON came from, Now you know!!

Hitler didn't close us...

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Someone must have had it in for the local butchers?

I know what was in the package!!!

Now I just need to buy some eggs...

Thank you Soooooooo much Sharon he/we loved them!!!
I promise to moblog the results for you to see!!!

Surprises via Air Mail???

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The postmans arrival in our house usually means a case of more denial as I bury my head and pretend its not the gas/electricity/telephone/water/council tax bill he's just dumped through my letter box.

However, Today this came (via James as the postie couldn't get it through the letter box)...a mystery parcel from the lovely sharonthebaron all the way across the pond!

The blonde kid has just left for school and I dare not open it without him practicing what I preach "Don't touch that, Has it got your name on it" because in this instance it has and it's only fair that I wait.

So...what does it hold...we will see. Thank you in advance Sharon!!

Ohh I'm all excited!!

Blue Eyed Funky Girl!!

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Grace (my friends youngest offspring) was one yesterday, she can now walk
and everything. It feels like yesterday that Shelley was dumping me
unceremoniously into my arms at 3 days old saying "Here, you see if you can
keep the little knob jockey quiet!!" (she's a good mom really I promise!!)I can't believe how quick the last 12 months have gone!

Monkey says....

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"Save Our School" in his funky new save our school tshirt!

BIG chair little monkey

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Recycling is bad for your health!! (or should be titled Steph in need of a rant!)

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Attempting to move my recycle bin last night as collection day is this morning I managed to put my hips out of fucking joys!!!

My first aid box is now devoid of ALL painkillers, but hey ho at least I can walk this time so I can go get some more!!

It has only been a month since my appointment with the specialist (and the last time it went but luckily not as bad this time) and not a word yet from the physio...god bless the NHS and their waiting lists!!

(oh by the way can you tell I had a bad nights sleep. grumpy as hell this morning stay out of my way world!!)