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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Look feet!

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My little cousin Oscar in the park.

Night Art, Digbeth Graffiti

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Rumour has it Moblog is working fast again - so worth a shot to see just
how fast :P

Quake Damage (Part 2)

Image 1. When cracks appear in the read wider then your foot where do you start fixing them? - The answer - they didn't they started with the ones big enough for someone to stand in

Image 2. Whole sections of the road just shifted, this is right on the coast away from the CBD

Image 3. The raw power of a quake, twisted and mangled foot bridge across the river Avon, thankfully this was damaged in the September quake which hit in the early hours of the morning so no one was on it.

Image 4. Whole sections of ground - I wish I could say this was unique to the river banks but is evident across the city and suburbs.

Image 5, 6, 7 & 8. Damage is everywhere,

Quake Damage (Part 1)

Image 1: 300km of sewerage pipes are in need of repairing or replacing, as a result waste is being pumped into the rivers and polluting the sea.

Image 2. Sumner & Redcliffs RSA building, destroyed in a rock slide during the Feb quake, a boulder the size of my living room crashed through the rear of it.

Image 3. This could be a photograph of any street corner in the city centre.

Image 4. The CBD is still cordoned off, navigating the city centre is nightmare when every every second street is inaccessible and the cordons move based on risk analysis, work being undertaken and the constant threat of aftershocks.

Image 5. Another street, another dead end.

Image 6. 3 months after the quake and glass still litters the streets, the human rescue and recovery tasks taking priority over clean up operations,

Image 7. Every street is effected, this is Sumner, every household is in upheaval but from a distance it looks like nothings wrong, until you look closer and spot the remains of where a house once stood.

Image 8. Even the footpaths in places are now impassable

Nor'west arch, Moncks Bay, New Zealand

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Moncks Bay lies on the main road that runs between the suburbs of Recliffs
and Sumner in the Avon Heathcote Estuary.

The Clouds above the Estuary are the Nor'west arch or Canterbury Arch, a
weather pattern particular to the east coast on New Zealand's south island
and is caused by weather systems moving over the southern Alps and over the
Canterbury plains

And unlike some of my other pictures this really was taken with my mobile :D

Rapanui Rock

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We've jut returned from New Zealand where we spent an exhausting 3
weeks with family and touring Canterbury, We backpacked across the
Banks Penisula, went Whale and Dolphin watching in Kaikoura adn Akaroa
respectively. We went quad biking and bathed in the Thermal Pools of
Hamner Springs, Partook in the TransAlpine train trip through the
southern alps a 9 hour round trip covering over 900km and viewed the
quake damage in Christchuch.

This is the first of many many photos I've taken while we were out there!

In the Avon Heathcote Estuary, Sumner NZ stands Rapanui Rock aka Shag
Rock, prior to the Feb 22nd 2011 quake it stood an impressive 11
metres above the sea at low tide now it is considerably smaller and
the far side if the stone lies a pile of rubble from where it fell.

The irony of this being stuck on the school fence is not lost on me.

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6th Apr 2011, 13:41   comments (2)

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

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A stroll through the forest of Cannock Chase
22nd Mar 2011, 23:18   comments (2)