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Yarrghhh...Its a Pirate!!

And we shall christen him James. (it's the ponytail that does it!)
22nd Jan 2007, 21:22   | tags:,,,comments (8)


Today was the protest rally...It was a good turnout with over 200 in

Many many thanks firstly to James, Catherine, Steve, Stat, Al Rob, Penny and my mom who joined in with me. (the irony being 3 of these were home educated and didn't go to school!!) you can't even begin to imagine how much it was appreciated.

Thanks to Unison for the placards, whistles and support. Thanks to Nikki Duggan for her dedication, determination and excellent organisational skills. Claire and Co for the banners, to Mel and those at Hobbycraft for the balloons, Bobby for the refreshments and the stewards for their time.

Thanks to all our children who showed everyone what our school is all about with their courage determination and impeccable behaviour and finally....

THANK YOU every god damn single one of you who turned up today and offered your support unwaveringly over the last 3 months you have all been amazing!!

Hopefully now the bastards will now have to sit up and can this many people be wrong???

How to cause a traffic jam...

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...get over 200 hundred people to cross the road at the same time!!

Why haven't I watched this before....???

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I'm now on a mission to find my very own googlewhack!!!

You spin me right round, Baby right round...

Like a record baby,
Right round round round round!

If you can make it, A plea to all!!!

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Saturday 20th January!!!
Danesmore Park Primary School
Russell Close

A week on Saturday there is going to be a protest march in opposition to the closure of Jordan's school.

This has now turned into a very important date for us in light of
developments that have occurred these last few days,

We need as MUCH support as we can get as the local councillors don't seem to want to help, and the panel who proposed the closure don't want to listen, SO it has come down to the parents and the SOS committee to save our school,

As far as we are aware local press, radio and television are coming down to see what going to happen.We've had permission from the police and the route has been confirmed so now all we need are people and as many as possible, my biggest fear is that we
have a pathetic turn out SO.....I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do I just want to see you there and bring as many others along as you can also....Bring your partners, mom's, dads, aunts, uncles, come walk the dog even....

its a short route and wont take up your entire day! We're meeting at the school at 11am, or just sit outside my house if you
don't know where that is as the route takes us straight past here!!!I've not asking a lot, just consider it a healthy days walking....with a bit
of shouting involved!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if your available and can make it I'd appreciate it, Jordan would appreciate, HELL all the kids would appreciate it


Forward this on to anyone you know who'll be interested in coming

Thanks all.

Steph xx

For Goonflower...

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....Finally got them out if the box. Thank you!!
9th Jan 2007, 21:38   comments (8)

I'm looking at the girl in the mirror...

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