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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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Little people make...

...Christmas mornings so much more fun!!

4am Ram-Raid Bastards!!!!

'Twas 2 nights before Christmas and and all through the house, Not a
creature was stirring EXCEPT ME.

4am I was definitely stirring...

...To an alarm call out at the shop, car through the shutters, pick axe
through the window and away with £18,000 worth of diamonds, leaving me with a 12 hour shift and an extraordinary clean up job to be able to open for trade the next day!!


Still off work so I finished all my Christmas cards. Off to the letterbox soon...

I'm covered in glitter, glue and bits of paper.

We made the news!!!

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Being laid up meant I couldn't be there but we made the news.. again...although having spoke to parents that were there "hijack" maybe a little emotive!! Block the road yes, Wave placards yes. Shout and make noise, YES...hijack...i prefer INFORM!! He chose to get out of his car to talk to them!!

We're going to scan the article later!!

What to do???

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...when you wake up in the morning and can't move!! Can't sit, stand, walk, lie or even dress myself without being in SOOO much pain you want to scream!!

Visit the doctor, take plenty of painkillers and while awaiting an appointment with the orthopaedic (sp?) specialist you've been referred to steal James' laptop, the entire sofa and while wrapped up in a quilt with a cup of tea moblog!!

My Christmas desktop

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17th Dec 2006, 18:25   | tags:,comments (4)


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As the responsibility of the website and the forum has fallen to me I went to school yesterday to take some photos for the school website.The kids made me laugh so much. It's criminal what they are trying to do to this school!!

Fairy Lights

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Bilston Craft Gallery. A ball of light. Not sure what this was supposed to represent but it was pretty!!