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As a teenager I knew everything....I'm still trying to figure out when I forgot it all.

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I see YOU!!

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The blonde kid bought some "experiments" from the toy shop. So we made a periscope!

It's months like this...

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...that I wished I still smoked!!!

In the last fortnight....

My mom has been promoted, which is good for her but not so good for me as it was only the hours that my mom used to work that kept me in work as she was around to have the blonde kid...

The council royally screwed up with my rent and took an obscene amount of money from my account in one go...

The school my son attends announces that the government has put forward a proposal to close it down...

AND YESTERDAY some imbecile spilt coke into my phone, and today I find out its irrepairable AND I'VE ONLY JUST GOT THE BLOODY THING BACK AFTER IT WAS REPAIRED LAST TIME AND I'VE GOT NO BLOODY COVER!!!


I am officially PISSED OFF and feeling VERY sorry for myself I've had to resort to borrowing a nokia old enough to be picking up its pension FFS!!!


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Over 18 months ago I purchased two sets of flat pack drawers, I put one to immediate use building it all by myself, but having no urgent use for the second set I left it until recently, when James spending increasingly more time at mine needed somewhere to keep his bits.

James lovingly put it together with the help of the blonde kid cussing me all the time for not putting it together sooner.....

Guess which one keeps falling to pieces?? Its not the one that's been together for nearly 2 years that's for sure....

Who said men are better at D.I.Y.?

Autumn has definitly arrived...

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...more tahn a few weeks late!!


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If all else fails....lock them in a cabinet!!

Matching Shoes

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We should have thought that through better!!! Bunch of saps in matching

..We won 1st prize.

Last night was the school half term disco...As its October the theme was

I sat with one of the "rebel" parents who smuggled in a bottle of vodka to sup with our pepsi...more fun was had than expected. (Why should the little people have all the fun???)

Regardless of this we still managed to win first prize in the fancy dress
competition (and I made it all myself) and because of this the celebrations were a bit more raucous than expected in our corner of the school hall......

I like that I have rebel friends LOL.

Who needs Asda..

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...we made our own costume!

Jake and Ellie went to Asda!!