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Welcome to my MOBLOG! I'm Freida from St.Louis, MO and I joined the network on Saturday, March 7,2009...I hope you enjoy my uploaded photos, courtesy of my LG mobile phone and Olympus Stylus 820

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I work in a laboratory

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... and this is the "freezer gloves" drawer... OR ARE THEY FREEZEZER GLOVES?
(can anyone say "spellcheck"?)

*freezer gloves are used to take samples out of a (-80C) freezer

(shot with the LG Rumor camera phone on 3.25.09)
25th Mar 2009, 23:22   comments (0)

He Thinks he's a Car in St.Louis

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We all know St.Louis is not bike friendly...and THIS GUY IS NOT WEARING A HELMET! He is risking his life (I say this because I live in STL and know how its inhabitants operate)..

This was taken with my LG Rumor Phone on my way to work - 3.25.09 - corner of Forest Park Pkwy and Big Bend by Washington University in STL
25th Mar 2009, 15:37   comments (0)

NYC Coffee Cup

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I miss NYC and my NYC pals so I am drinking coffee out of my ceramic "We Are Happy to Serve You" coffee cup this morning in St.Louis... (3.22.09 - taken with the LG Rumor)
22nd Mar 2009, 14:09   comments (0)


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I bought this framed artwork in May 2008 at the now closed "Art and Frame Gallery" in Clayton (STL), MO... I had just returned from Las Vega$$$ and bought this with some of my winnings! :)
(pic taken with the LG Rumor)
10th Mar 2009, 17:26   comments (0)


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WTF is ELL and ELL SAUCE????
(taken with the LG Rumor Phone)
9th Mar 2009, 19:18   comments (0)

Drinking San Miguel Beer

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They served San Miguel at the Nipa Hut Restaurant (Filipino) in St.Louis. San Miguel is the Philippines' most popular beer... My LG Rumor phone is shown on the table (Saturday, March 7, 2009 via Olympus Stylus 820 Camera)
8th Mar 2009, 15:57   comments (0)

Bathroom Stall Picture Frame

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This was taken at the Nipa Hut Restaurant Women's Bathroom stall in St.Louis, MO... This was an interesting picture frame without the default insert removed... Funny!! (Saturday, March 7,2009 via LG Rumor Cameraphone)
8th Mar 2009, 02:39   comments (0)