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not ready yet :P

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women's day- edit

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haha now i have 3 tulips :D not from boyfriend, but from my brother-in-law. now my bouquet looks really great. very colourful :D
wow, the orange one has a child :)
8th Mar 2007, 18:54   comments (0)

8 march- women's day.

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1. wonderful worm, isn't it?

2. I got 2 tulips :)
first- red. guys from my class gave me this flower.
second-orange from my dad :)

3.Actually, the red one is dead.... killed by turture in school :)Two flowers look badly. I need third.. erm.. no boyfriend :( :D anyone wants to give me one tulip? :P :P
8th Mar 2007, 13:40   comments (7)

daily delivery :D

short description
1. sundown - view from my window
2. birch- my favourite tree. i have about... 8 birches near my home
3. cones
4. "skin" of birch-extra ant (right)
5. doggy and my nephew :)
7th Mar 2007, 16:49   comments (1)

first fresh photos

ok, let's begin =)
i'll describe my photos
1.My mp3 player- it keeps me alive. i want to have an ipod, cause i have to change battery after 1 hour of listening music ....

2. oh no, my legs are broken..... ;( ;( who cut them out from my ... ass :D
3. weee :P
4. my dog's huge tongue
5,6 sad view, huh? yep, i see it everyday when i hang my head out of window
You'll never guess where i live. it's not England, not even western Europe but this country has specific culture and customs. i'm making a lot of mistakes when i'm writing (in this text you'll find some ;D) i'll be glad if you'll correct me.

6th Mar 2007, 18:54   comments (2)

jason- my doggy

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gonna post something about me later :)
6th Mar 2007, 15:15   comments (1)