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Hannah and Richard Felix!!!

(viewed 3398 times)

Posted by si_round

1st Dec 2008, 18:00   | tags:comments (0)

Me, Vernon & Hannah

(viewed 957 times)

Posted by si_round

1st Dec 2008, 17:58   comments (0)

My girlfriend an Geri Halliwell

(viewed 908 times)

Posted by si_round

1st Dec 2008, 13:07   comments (0)

Me, My Cousin and Eddie Frickin' Vedder!

(viewed 1366 times)
The Astoria, London, April 21st 2006.

Posted by James D Clarke

20th Jul 2008, 23:33   | tags:,comments (0)

Ken Livingstone

(viewed 925 times)
Got in the life when i was on my way to London 2012 unveiling,,,

Posted by jc1000000

13th Jul 2008, 01:34   comments (0)

Al Gore

(viewed 1189 times)
Signing books at the UN

Posted by gerrod

29th Sep 2006, 13:23   comments (0)


(viewed 1072 times)
See that guy in the blue suit jacket and the woman in the red-ish
thing? That's Neil and Christine Hamilton, that is. Allegedly.

Posted by neel

8th Aug 2006, 02:20   comments (3)

Ow's About That, Then?

(viewed 1154 times)
See that bloke, in the fluorescent yellow jacket, with his back to the
camera, almost completely obscured by everyone else in the shot? Sir
Jimmy Savile, that is. Honest.

Posted by neel

13th Apr 2006, 00:00   comments (8)
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