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James Nachtwey:

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Another miss

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Posted by whouk

Not finding object

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Posted by whouk


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Well, I took a photo of the floor because I thought my iphone would put the
location data in the exif, but it doesn't appear to have done.

The card may well have still been there, there were loads of people around,
i could have just missed it.

This is the 'pattern recognition and a dead laptop' clue btw.


Posted by hertbio

Important notice to Question Seekers!

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If you arrive at the location you have discovered and cannot find the object, do not fret! Simply snap a photo of yourself at the location and send to:


with your name, and in the body put the following:

map="the lat + long you found"

Posted by Alfie


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Posted by whouk

New Numbers Station in London

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Posted by Alfie


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Posted by whouk


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Posted by whouk