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How fleet management system help reduce costs

Since its inception, fleet management software has been hugely rewarding for businesses in many ways. From automating operations to offering convenience, telematics solutions cover everything. All such functionalities combine to provide monetary benefits to the businesses, which is one of the prime objectives of using such systems.

Telematics technology is constantly evolving in terms of functionality and scope. Nowadays more businesses are using it to manage their daily affairs smoothly and save operational expenses. Modern solutions are offering more operational control giving great financial boost to companies and that is one of the prime reasons for their growing popularity.

There are tons of ways through which telematics solutions help in saving money, and this blog will discuss them in detail.

Ways a Fleet Management System proves to be cost-effective:

The advanced vehicle tracking and monitoring systems have resulted in convenience and operational efficiency and help save money. Some of the reasons how they reduce expenses are given below:

Reduction of Operational Expenses:

The biggest challenge for the companies dealing with a fleet is to manage their daily operations effectively. From remaining updated about vehicles’ movement to its maintenance, there is a lot to handle. However, telematics systems have been a big sigh of relief for companies as they offer the ideal combination of convenience and cost-efficiency.

With an efficient telematics mechanism at disposal, management becomes hassle-free, saving precious time and expense. The fleet managers do not have to allocate other management resources when everything can be handled through one platform. For example, there is no need to have individuals for maintenance, reporting, staff management, etc. There is a fixed operational mechanism regularly followed, preventing any hiccups in daily affairs.

Lesser Fueling Cost:

The latest telematics systems offer state of the art functionalities that optimize the efficiency of the vehicles during trips. A designated route to follow and strict monitoring through geo-fencing techniques prevent deviation, minimizing the fuel cost greatly.

In addition to that, the latest software has also incorporated features like ‘eco-friendly drive’ to gauge the various aspects of driving. From over speeding to harsh braking, everything can be detected by the tracking device and conveyed through the software, contributing to fuel-efficient driving.

Lowering Maintenance Costs:
With efficient monitoring over every vehicle activity, drivers tend to drive with extra care, resulting in lesser wear and tear. Thus, the requirement for maintenance comes up after a longer duration saving a lot of expenses. In addition to that, the latest fleet management software also allows functionalities to set notification alerts for maintenance.

Different parameters, like engine hours and mileage, can be selected to determine the need for maintenance. Whenever any repair is required, one can be informed through a notification alert, ensuring the car's timely service. This way, the vehicles remain in good condition resulting in lesser maintenance expenses.

Saving Staff Management Expenses:

Whether you talk about any business, managing staff is one of the biggest problems. The incompetence or lack of productivity on the part of the workforce results in the decline of profitability and growth. An efficient mechanism like telematics software that can monitor staff's performance daily is much more effective rather than doing this job manually.

The latest software provides a complete reporting module to check the performance and progress of employees. From attendance to breaks and off days, everything is marked, and auto-reports are generated regularly. When the employees have an idea that ‘someone is looking,’ they tend to be more efficient and try to work hard to achieve the daily targets.

Lesser Probability of Accidents:

While running a business that deals with many vehicles, there is always a threat of accidents. Such emergencies not only cost a lot of repairing expenses but also call for settlement money. All these financial liabilities take a toll on overall business prospects and hinder profitability.

A seamless monitoring system that can keep an eye on every driver's move can result in more efficient driving preventing crashes. Due to this reason, the danger and expense of accidents are avoided, and other expenditures like insurance fees can also be acquitted.

Better Resale Value:

When the vehicles are not looked after correctly, they tend to wear and tear a lot. From engine to body, everything becomes rusty, dropping their overall value. With strict monitoring of drivers and efficient maintenance, the fleet tends to remain in good condition. Therefore when the time comes to replace vehicles, they offer a good resale value giving a good financial benefit to the business.

Telematics Solutions have a bright future!

Due to the changing dynamics and requirements of logistics and delivery businesses, telematics solutions have evolved a lot over the years. They are offering more customization options according to the business's scope and scale, resulting in their success. As every business's future has digital prospects, it is safe to say that telematics solutions will be the backbone of vehicle management.

Flotilla IoT Introduces a Revolutionary Web-Based Fleet Management System

Flotilla IoT proudly announces the launch of an exquisite fleet management system designed to assist businesses in managing their fleets effectively. It works on the real-time data fetching mechanism through a GPS tracking device. The web-based flexible design is tailor-made to meet the requirements of various kinds of businesses. It contains several integrated modules to streamline the data flow and automate operations.
Flotilla IoT's fleet management system offers integration with excellent GPS tracking and fleet monitoring apps. The completely responsive app is available for both Android and IOS devices. The main objective behind the making of a fleet telematics system is to provide businesses a once and for all solution for complete operational control.
The main features of the Flotilla IoT's system are given below:
Real-time Tracking:
With the help of a GPS tracking device or FX tracker app, the fleet management system shows the units' real-time tracking (vehicles). The software user can view the run-time route of a unit along with motion status at various time instants. The tracking history of every trip can also be saved and viewed whenever required. With the ‘Time Machine’ feature, a user can replay the entire trip along with its directions and activity statuses.
Flotill IoT’s fleet telematics system offers detailed and summary reports for various templates. From Trip and Engine Hour to Fuel reports, the template generator creates all kinds of reports. Different reports can also be merged together according to the requirements.
FlotillaIoT system offers different notification options to the user for remembering every important event and action. Every notification option has several sub-categories providing more customization settings. The notification alerts can be set on web-based pop-ups, SMS, and Email to ensure that notification is not missed even on the move.
Unlike conventional GPS tracking systems, Flotilla IoT offers a detailed monitoring mechanism to manage fleets efficiently. Apart from GPS live tracking, Flotilla IoT offers monitoring for motion status, speed, fuel level, driver behavior, geo-fence, and much more. The data for all these aspects is updated in real-time, keeping the user informed about the unit's latest condition. This comprehensive monitoring module is beneficial in ensuring the security of the vehicle and enhancing productivity.
Mobile Apps: Flotilla IoT offers integration with two mobile apps name Flotilla IoT app and FX Tracker App.
Flotilla IoT App: Flotilla IoT is a cross-platform fleet monitoring mobile app that offers features like Live Tracking, Unit Details, Tracking History, Notification History, etc. With the help of this user-friendly app, the user can remain updated regarding fleet activity from anywhere.
FX Tracker App:
FX Tracker App is a GPS tracking app providing accurate information regarding the movement of a vehicle. It is available for both Android and IOS and is easily downloadable. Its integration with Flotilla IoT software allows the real-time monitoring and maintenance of a unit. One excellent feature of FX Tracker is that it can record data offline, which can be fetched later when the internet connection is restored.
The vehicle's maintenance is a big headache for fleet managers, and Flotilla IoT is aware of it, offering a seamless mechanism for maintaining the fleet. By mentioning the type of maintenance ranging from engine oil to parts of the vehicle, one can keep an eye on its progress. The maintenance progress is updated automatically in real-time, ensuring the convenience of the user. You can also schedule notification for any maintenance so that it does not get missed.

Flotilla IOT White Label GPS Solutions

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If you want to establish your own tracking company but find it challenging to start from scratch, there is no need to worry. Flotilla will provide you the head start you always needed in this business. It will provide tracking software along with a variety of features to GPS tracking companies. Flotilla White Label solution is tried and tested as it is being used by many large and small scale companies in the market. It delivers customer oriented, easy to use, the feature-packed platform that would boost your business within days.

Features of Flotilla White Label GPS Software
Flotilla provides a variety of features along with the leading GPS tracking software. These features can be enhanced or modified according to the demand of our customers. Some of these features are:

1.Active tracking real-time
location of the vehicle at all times can be monitored. If managers monitor vehicle location continuously and issue real-time instructions, active GPS tracking has to be used.

2.Passive Tracking
The complete history of all trips is recorded and stored. Vehicle location, along with sensor data of any date from the past, can be obtained through passive tracking features.

Any predefined geographical boundary can be set through this feature. Whenever a marked vehicle enters or leaves that boundary, the alarm is triggered to alert the manager.

4.Engine Idling
Engine idling is monitored at all times, and relevant information is stored in this regard, which is provided to the customer. The additional feature can be added that idling time can be set for any vehicle. If that vehicle idles more than that time at one or multiple instances, the alarm system is triggered.

5.Driver Behavior
Driver behavior can be monitored by Flotilla software. Speeding, sharp cornering, idling wrong gear, harsh braking, and other dangerous events are followed by sensors that send data to leading software. That data is used to rate drivers through a star-based system. This feature helps companies improve driver behavior.

6.Route Optimization
Our software is an artificially intelligent system that automatically optimizes vehicle routes. The shortest and most fuel-efficient path is recommended after considering many factors such as traffic, stop durations, road disruptions, vehicle capacities, time windows, etc. Flotilla system reduces the time of every trip and fuel cost, which enhances system efficiency and profitability.

7.Immobilize Vehicles
Our software provides a fleet lock option in case of vehicle theft or misuse. When such an untoward event occurs, the vehicle can be instantaneously locked.

8.Vehicle Maintenance
Flotilla software keeps an overall record of vehicle performance through which it automatically generates reminders for tune-ups, oil change, filter replacement, and other routine maintenance.

9.Fuel Monitoring
Flotilla software provides complete control of the fuel tank. It keeps track of where, when, and how much fuel is inserted in the vehicle. It automatically generates alert when refueling is required. It also protects fuel theft by triggering an alarm if there is a steep decline in fuel amount in a short period. One additional feature is that it offers a detailed monthly analysis of fuel consumption for every vehicle in a fleet.

Our software generates weekly, as well as monthly reports. These reports are based on many factors, such as vehicle efficiency, driver behavior, fuel consumption, warnings issued, idling, etc. These reports provide complete insight into any vehicle network functioning.

Flotilla Mobile Application
Flotilla also provides mobile applications along with the tracking software. It is available on Android, Windows, and Apple stores. Through this application, company managers can view and monitor multiple devices at a time.