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I am a man with an incredible timmy tool, read my adventures and make youself drool

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27th Oct 2005, 22:11   comments (0)


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Spot the difference? Bottom is a JAP PSP, top is a USA PSP. Screens are definately different - USA is softer, I prefer the JAP but then I am bias. Thanks for the keyring, Joe.
22nd Oct 2005, 13:24   comments (2)


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22nd Oct 2005, 13:21   comments (1)

Lasse has Norweigan tendencies

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22nd Oct 2005, 13:21   comments (0)

Eat your greens

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22nd Oct 2005, 13:20   comments (0)

Birthday Brunch

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22nd Oct 2005, 13:19   comments (0)

Dirty Driving

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22nd Oct 2005, 13:17   comments (0)

Nite Construction

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PS If you're at the Novotel Leeds then I suggest you try and get room 201, you can pick up non-hotel WiFi there :) (look for MIMSTER SSID).
15th Oct 2005, 20:53   comments (1)