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I am a man with an incredible timmy tool, read my adventures and make youself drool

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I made a little fishy

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5th Jun 2005, 14:34   comments (0)

Great! Broken pots 30p each

(viewed 614 times)
Superglue ?3.50 per tube. Roll-on Christmas.
5th Jun 2005, 14:32   comments (0)


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I had to re-post this from weavsall. No, I'm not popular...or a homosexualist..just surrounded by lovely ladies!
4th Jun 2005, 18:47   comments (6)

They've got free telly in Hull

(viewed 526 times)
4th Jun 2005, 18:44   comments (1)

Too many cooks

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4th Jun 2005, 18:43   comments (0)

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

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I can recommend the "Art Bar" in Cleethorpes. Not just for the beer, check out the amazing decor.
4th Jun 2005, 18:39   comments (0)


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Goldennads is a trained fireman, don't you know.
4th Jun 2005, 18:35   comments (1)

BBQ Time with nads

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4th Jun 2005, 18:34   comments (0)