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I love this weather...

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I love the rain!


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17th Apr 2005, 19:51   comments (3)

Burning CD's is killing music...

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The best CD ever:

"Dakota " by Stereophonics
"Lyla (Promo Radio Edit)" by Oasis
"Bang Bang" by Audio Bullys
"'Pop A Cap In Your Ass' (Full Mix)" by Ben Watt Featuring Estelle
"Mad World" by Evergreen Terrace
"Fraggle Rock" by Punk Covers
"How to Be Dead " by Snow Patrol
"Into Your Arms" by Lemonheads
"With Or Without You" by U2
"Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles
"What It Feels Like For A Girl " by Madonna
"I See Girls (Radio Edit)" by Studio B
"Elenor Rigby" by The Beatles
"Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2
"Beverly Hills" by Weezer
"Holiday (Dance Mix)" by Madonna
"Four Minute Warning" by Mark Owen


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
16th Apr 2005, 00:11   comments (2)


(viewed 619 times)
That's it Lisa has left the building!


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
15th Apr 2005, 14:31   comments (0)

What tonight has in store for me...

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Mmmmmm, beer and tabs!


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
15th Apr 2005, 09:52   comments (1)

I look good in a hat...

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Well maybe not! Can you believe my dad actually wears this and I live in Northern Ireland?!


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
14th Apr 2005, 20:40   comments (5)

My ring tone...

I know it's wrong but it's effective!!


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
14th Apr 2005, 20:37   comments (0)

Neil playing UT2004...

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Well if you call it playing!!! lol


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
14th Apr 2005, 20:35   comments (0)

Mmmm, beer...

(viewed 788 times)
On my way to work this morning, I spy a Stella truck. Rool on the weekend, tho it looked better on my phone!


MY SITE - www.gad123.co.uk
13th Apr 2005, 09:42   comments (2)